Gucci Mane Declares He’s Going Independent & Will Flood Market With Music

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  • Luca Brasi

    ive been jammin gucci since day one. Every time he gets locked up he drops a FIRE album when he gets out… and then slowly but surely his music starts to suck. I wish hed just hold back and only release good stuff. He drops a mixtape and i download it.. and 85% of the time i feel like im wasting my time sifting through his recycle bin on his mac book pro… but he makes money off it.. so be it.

    • Astronaut


  • kushxchevys

    Quality over quanity my nigga same thing i trll my plug

  • thorn416

    Your album/mixtape release should be an event. Not something that happens weekly.

    I downloaded Everybody Lookin and Droptop Wop but I cant listen to the same recycled bars on all those damn mixtapes

  • Chicagoan

    He off paper so I’m hopeful for some bangin ass shit, been waitin for this to see if he still got it…. We gone see!