Yung Mazi Shot And Killed

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  • TKingLives

    Damn, R.I.P

  • «《2ryte2drive》»

    Cops suck they never get the perp when a rapper is involved.! Nigga moments at a all time high with this young mazi cat or hip hop police lurkin

    • You mad huh?

      Still damn near no leads on the chinx case.

      • «《2ryte2drive》»

        That’s the first thing that came to my mind smh rip chinx!

  • L boog

    Mindset and lifestyle.. vicious cycle.. live it up in heaven Mazi

  • Daniel King

    WTF anthoer rapper shot and killed evil fucks will get away with this as usual never found Chinx killers yet I bet they not found jam master Jay killers etc how a person can sleep at night knowing they killed someone makes me sick no heart no compassion nothing

  • Egotistical Quan

    Fucked up but damn I can’t help but wonder what son did to make niggas want him dead so bad… Especially to keep shooting him when they see him. He had to do something bad

    • Craig

      Just in the streets heavy. Check some of his interviews on YouTube. Shit crazy but it was bound to happen.

  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    Man after you’ve been shot more than once your whole routine is suppose to change up. Even the postman shouldn’t be able to find you. Idk why these niggas be out here cooling like they aint got not beef. They shot you multiple times bruh. You could’ve moved out the A. You were the prey never the predator in this situation. It’s sad cause he leaves behind a child now.

  • Craig

    Wow after like the 4th attempt that shit crazy.

  • Craig

    Right I remember when he got hit in the head and he could barely talk for a minute. That was like only the second time. That nigga did not give a fuck. Last time he survived he was taunting niggas online from the damn hospital bed. He was really really out here. I know Kevin gates probably tripping.

    • Matt Leon

      Oh that was him? Damn.

      • Craig

        Bruh he did an interview on you tube talking slow as fuck about the entire shit. Then when he recovered he showed off his luxury car with all kinds of bullet holes. It’s like almost every year somebody tried to take him out.

        • Matt Leon

          Damn. Honestly, I don’t even be listening to too many of these new rappers so I hear about a rapper getting shot, I usually just think of it as just another day but I actually do remember seeing the story on when he got shot the damn first time. This dude must have pissed off the wrong people somehow to get shot at so often.

  • David Fowler

    so you mean he did’nt get shot by a white cop

  • Land of the Dread Heads

    Who is this nigga….ive never heard of him, RIP whoever you are

  • Craig

    I’m still trippin of this shit man.