Yung Joc Defends His New Hairstyle

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  • HotlineQueef

    im sorry but you cant defend that

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  • Anthony Mitchell

    wasnt jidenna rocking a similar hair style? but people pick and choose who they gonna attack

  • Poopmaster

    Honestly I ain’t even gonna hate I dig what the cat said …plus before reading that shit I could totally tell that style from back in the day so it makes sense that it’s fo a movie. Shit the king of soul himself the late great James brown rocked that same hair do ( no not James brown, that nigga from cbs football commentator )

    • Poopmaster

      Still looks hella funny tho haha

  • THAchosenONE86

    niggah whaaaattt

  • Bustadimes

    Yeezus!! Joc looks like a pre pubescent middle schooler struggling to find himself

  • Bustadimes

    That Joc or the black Clark Kent?

  • Food4Thought

    I agree with everything he’s saying about doing your own thing, but my nigga it don’t mean it’s gonna stop you from catching these jokes and memes

    • Dom Brown

      It ain’t a black or white thing it just don’t look right on him no homo lol

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Nigga lying, ain’t no movie bish!

  • R.Tyler

    The funny thing is he about to have A LOT of y’all niggas doing this shit. The same damn thing happened to OBJ when he did his hair different. Caught all the jokes, fast forward a year later and you can’t walk 10 feet without seeing some dude rocking the same hairstyle, hair dye and all.

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  • Harry Mustachio

    I like the hair but those Louis Farrakhan shades have got to go.

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