YoungBoy Never Broke Again Passes Out Cash In His Old Neighborhood [VIDEO]

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  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Schools and youth camps got money and support already,doing that is just a predictable move. Aint no better way than to go straight back 2 da hood and give it bac

    • Astronaut

      Straight up

  • kushxchevys

    Everybody buying kush brew and dope lol didmt even watch the vid jst tlkn shit

  • Imwhite

    It doesn’t look like YoungBoy is ‘heeding’ those words.

    If ya’ll need a proof reader hit me up $5/post

  • Jesse Mccree

    Schools and youth camps just take the money and up their salaries. Chance is an idiot. That million he gave Chicago schools went right into some corrupt assholes pockets. Kids aint see a dime of that money. If anything him throwing bookbags at them was a better idea

  • Could of built a nice play park or basketball/baseball/football field with that money and then some… what you think the kids gon’ do with that money?? Some stupid shit… cuz all these rappers brag about spending money and not saving it.. trash.

  • Killa Cam Newton

    If people can sell food stamps I wouldn’t trust giving the kids money for fear the parents will take it for drugs or bs ..invest in a studio for them