Young Thug’s Man Purse Cost A Pretty Penny [VIDEO]

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  • 100squad

    So bitches bags be costing some change.. These dudes want to be feminine so bad, they might as well go full Caitlyn on em.

  • Food4Thought

    So I’m about to see dudes walking around in rompers with murses now..Forget not having a father growing up, where is your grandma who keeps it real all the time to smack the fuck out of you to bring you back to reality

    • Lord_Farquad

      Lmao @ “murses”.

    • t-stupid

      Lol murses on da real tho 2017 people doin stupid dick head gay shit & they b fa real wit it smh but they music b off da chain wtf

    • kushxchevys


    • You mad huh?

      rompers are dickie suits with the legs and arms cut or even short sleeve jumpers…..not even a big deal like people are making it. never knew clothes were gender specific. back in the day women werent allowed to wear pants only dresses….sounds stupid because it is.

  • Imventing

    shit cop me the Chanel boomerang so i can throw it at this fool

  • Imwhite

    Dude is a goddamn peacock. Going to any lengths to be noticed for anything except his music

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      his music flame tho

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      Not even just that tho, he has to advertise to influence this shit on the men in our society.

  • Astronaut

    Young Thug the type who WANTS to get teabagged on the bball court.

  • Lord_Farquad

    …nah. But then again, I ain’t got $9,000 to spend on a bag. Shit, I ain’t got $9,000 lyin’ around right now period. lol



  • Johnathan Dough

    Well at least when the money runs out he will still have his faggot light up purse

  • Triple O


  • JohnWiick

    Scrawny niggas with pink hair, tight clothing and hand bags….is this what rap has really become? Am I on the right planet?

  • Or not I guess the price of a bag justify it don’t see how women wanna be seen with a dude in a romper with a bag and his clothes tight and he fat

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    Y’all must understand that these rappers are only puppets and if they want to remain their spot in the industry they have to do what the Jews want. They are used to do the dirty work of the secret society leaders… These mfs are even being turned out for the $..