Young Thug Says He Loves Your Hate

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  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง Cuh

    I know if i was a rapper i wouldn’t want to give anybody a reason to think im gay but maybe that’s just me.

    • NYCityKid


    • Anthony Mitchell

      lol same here

    • poppy magooo

      So you would rather be in the closet

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง Cuh

        I mean i rather straight but if that’s your agenda more power to you.

      • Anthony Flores

        But faggots still in the closet. But like homie said more power to u. Haaaa

    • PointingTheObvious

      Worried you might catch a dick?

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง Cuh

        Pretty hard to worry if i don’t prefer it to begin with, but it’s cool you have no problem with catching a dick or two.

        • poppy magooo

          Got em

        • PointingTheObvious

          You seem to be trying real hard to tell everyone how you aint gay… spending alot of time talking about dicks and being gay for a straight guy.

          • (ง’̀-‘́)ง Cuh

            You seem salty, been swallowing too much? I just took what you said and flipped it back on you. Don’t see me talking about a dick before you tried to be funny.

          • PointingTheObvious

            you are gay though?

    • fynnch

      why? too many insecure hateful mfs out there smh

      • (ง’̀-‘́)ง Cuh

        Im straight? Nobody is really insecure, straight guys just don’t wear women’s clothing or call a nigga bae or hubby. If thug put you on that trend then more power to you mane. Im convinced young thug is basing himself off gangstalicious from the boondocks.

        • Thurgood Jenkins

          Real spit dunny dun dun dun

  • PrettyDominicanHoe

    Future legend

    • TheKingShaun

      – says no one

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      catfish like a muthafucka

      • fried rice

        Lol pretty Dominican hoe with the words that say future legend lol

  • Unfuck the World

    we saw what happened to cheif keefs career too. lol

  • Dyceraw120

    This nigga i swear. .yeah u can spit but cut that other dumb shit out.

    • highgeorgebush

      You call that rambling mumbling shit “spitting”? This new generation is beyond fucked.

  • Scorp Productions

    Part of the hype

  • Kevin Sellers

    Ppl talk about the way he rap…I’m from atl it’s called lingo….I bet every night or bitch from da streets of atl know exactly what he saying….get off our dicks…..#lingo….we can have a convo in front of the police and they wouldn’t understand a dam word… ebonics asses

    • MyNameIsNoBody

      Damn you are so stupid,I have pity for you.

      • Mike Donovan

        brown paper bag elitist with the boones farm breath

    • I bet you look as stupid as you type

      • Mike Donovan

        Another faux elitist with the brown paper bag budget

    • Somebody that Nobody knows

      tip got lingo, Krit got lingo, outkast got lingo nah, what young thug got is a bad case of the mumbles

      • poppy magooo

        Alot of ppl mumbling his lyrics tho

    • Shawn Brooks

      I liv n ATL nd i dont even waste time trynna learn that shit… i wouldn’t b caught dead talkin like i need a helmet on 24/7

    • Tracey Foxworth

      I understand the lingo all day long and I’m from Omaha, NE…..that’s why I I know the nigga said he would fuck a pickle in the song Get the fuck out ma face with the other gay nigga Rich Homie…..

      • Bam CbeCeo StillDodgin

        He said tell me what’s the dill, meaning deal, like a fuckin pickle, not he would fuck a pickle.

        • Tracey Foxworth

          What ever nigga no need to take up for him he still gay Ass fuck

          • Bam CbeCeo StillDodgin

            I ain’t takin up for nobody. I’m just letting u kno that you’re wrong and u postin shit and u don’t even kno what he say. If u gon talk shit about somebody at least have the facts.

          • Tracey Foxworth

            He still gay

          • Bam CbeCeo StillDodgin

            I think he just doin all this shit for publicity and to keep people talkin about him, whether its pos or neg.

  • Jordan Penney

    Its what makes him rich so fuck yeah its working.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    This nigga is gay

  • I’m a rapper and I wouldn’t tolerate anybody calling me something I wasn’t. I really think that as long as people talking about him he don’t really care about what you say because the spotlight is on him. I feel like he gonna regret that shit one of these days

  • Richy Borne

    Health issues

    • Monta Lawrence

      How is his money benefiting you

      • Richy Borne

        Aye, it takes one to know one… And real recognizes real. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure he’s str8. I don’t like the dude either; just bein 100.

  • Bo diddly

    Listen to the words mane , listen to the word play and metaphors plus ablibs. Thats why Thugger goes hard . Yall dont try to listen yall just ASSUME shit bc of what other niggas say. Didnt ya mamy n daddy teach yall not to let others influence what u think

    • Touched


  • whatever he’s doing is working, shout out to young thug’s bank account

  • West Workin

    no hate comments in this yet, about time some you people learn to shut da fuck up. lol

  • Gthirty Fly

    if he getting $ then so be it.

  • kvng.banks28

    He is a fruit period

  • Dyceraw120

    The next thing you know this nigga gonna be rappen with a dress on..ctfu..stop nigga