Young Thug Says The Breakfast Club Is ‘The Devil’

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  • MrMc Clay

    This boy crazy he was high.

  • John Best

    Probably because the idiot on the left is always ruining good conversation to talk about TMZ, charlemagne is constantly on tirades about god know what, and the lady doesn’t speak up enough to bring intelligence to the show. I think maybe thug is just stating a trivial fact out loud.

    • If you dont know the members of the breakfast club by now u dont know whats going on in hip hop fam. Even the legends been there and almost all the beefs started there in the last 3 years lol

      • John Best

        it’s another pop tv show candy ass bullshit tabloid artist exploiting show just like the rest dude. watch another interview and see how much they actually care. they push soooooo hard to get artists to gossip. I’m sure you’re not wrong, but I’m not either.

        • “Pop tv show” im talking way before Revolt u hella late. And shows like the breakfast club and the old Hot 97 were very important in hip hop. U sound like a hipster maybe rock music is better for you

          • kedasalandy

            John Best is right, their main agenda is to push gossip, which is why so much beef starts there. I can’t say I’ve ever seen them do an interview without bringing someone else up to get a bit of gossip. The only reason artists keep going is because it’s a popular show and it’s only popular bc of the gossip. Making it a self sustaining shitbag

          • vapaperboi .

            it comes on tv?

          • Anthony Flores

            Get outta here lol

      • Greezie Greezie

        Lmfao yo you dumb af that’s like saying. If you don’t kno the last names of Mike and Mike in the morning then you don’t kno sports. All the legends been on they show. Who gives af about they names hahahaha

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Can’t wait for is nigga status to be like Chingy; just irrelevant and no more.

    • vapaperboi .

      fuck that..status to be like j-kwon

      • Vuitton, The Ruler

        Aw man, not J-Kwon lol.

  • LOL

  • Primetime328

    Charlamagne is a joke…he just like a female always gossiping like stfu

    • fried rice

      He got socked and ran like ha!

  • ilikemusic.

    If there were no Breakfast Club you guys would have far less news to report on HHE, so in your case the breakfast club is the savior

    • basedcharley

      Nah, Thug is right in a huge aspect: Reporters used to report the game, and leave it to the listener to have their own opinion. Reporters rarely exist today (shouts out Nardwuar), it’s a bunch of “personalities” that spew shit out their mouths to keep themselves relevant (to dummies) first, and the music and the artist comes second. It’s on the same path to hell that major media outlets are on today.

      • dhusu

        Fucking A. but nowadays who in the mainstream doesn’t follow that same strategy

      • Just Los

        Charlamagne is hilarious.

  • Rhymeschemin

    i’d go as far as saying most hip hop radio stations other than maybe big bois are all getting ridiculous. Sway might have a slight exception but still.

  • Charlz in charge

    Lol this is a daily show about hip hop in today’s state. There is no way to even have an intellectual conversion about this shit everyday. When will people learn never insult the dj or radio show host they will be around way longer than any of these fly by night come and go artist. I see people talk way more than thinking.

  • H I L L ß I L L Y ♔ひ★田舎者 #RN$

    i blame DJ envy lame bitch ass

  • He’s actually right lol…

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    If the Breakfast Club is the Devil, then Young Thug is the androgynous Baphomet.

  • Don

    Thug is queer….cross dresses and is a battyboy