Did Young Thug Rip Off ATL Rapper Coca Vango?

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  • ChiCity300

    sound the same to me.

  • Nate

    It’s wrong when a rapper that sounds the same as another rapper copies a rapper that raps similarly .

  • col892

    Lmao reaching or naw? …Literally the only similarity are those 2 words

  • smith jones

    I think the problem is you all are sounding the same now.. so you think someone ripping you off.. when really neither of you are being creative

    • col892

      To be honest, most of the new young southern artists (especially ATL rappers) try to bite off of or sound like Thug..or Future

  • Mr postman

    Wow all them atl niggas sound the same, everyone either trying to sound like migos, future or thug.

  • Kenny Woods

    yeah he bit coca song most defenitly

  • perfect

    Sounds the same to me. Both sound like shit.

  • You mad huh?

    just an fyi young thug made a song titled cash talk back in 2014. so if anything vango took that

  • Don

    Most definitely sounds the same….but let’s not sit back and act like this is the most original/innovative concept we’ve ever heard put to a beat. These fuckas all sound alike and talk about the same shit nowadays.

  • Errybody KiLLa

    I’m sure that’s not the only thing young thug ripped of his