Young Thug Gave His Mom A Huge Present For His Birthday

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    Damn Lil wayne not even the headliner. And I would say Lil Uzi has a bigger Fan base then all of them right now

    • kushxchevys

      4real da Fuck lol

    • DEZn00ts_1

      Uzi is a good artist. I don’t listen to him like THAT or even have a song of his, but dude is the embodiment of music. He does him and the lyrics are there. Wouldn’t say he is a “rapper” either.

      • Astronaut

        I dont even know how to take this. Its like saying
        “I fucks with Uzi, he’s the shiit and Fuck Uzi, he aint shiit” in one comment.

        • BrodieThaGod


        • Manny Bravo

          Lmao, nigga don’t know how to feel.

        • DEZn00ts_1

          Well… Hey! Lol. Pretty much let him do his thing I guess.

        • DEZn00ts_1

          Just because I say he is an artist, doesn’t mean I have to listen to him. I don’t listen to U2 but would you take anything away from them? Uzi is a trendsetter and you can’t deny it. Just like Migos was.

          • Astronaut

            I get what you saying now.

          • Dundada

            You spelled transgender wrong..

  • kushxchevys

    Tip a bitch ass nigga

    • kinglobey

      – a hating ass hoe ass nigga

      • kushxchevys

        Nah nigga nah. Young mula it out fuxk tip

  • Lol shoe

    6 niggas from Broward aye. Also good to see isaiah rashad doing some shit.

  • Us Kzar

    Sporting them dresses got Mom’s with $50k

  • Zeek Lowe

    Who name blurred out on the Rolling Loud poster?

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Young Thug and his family ugly AF. From da artists tho that show gonnna be lit

  • Melo

    So, according to lil vert, this nigga is an old nigga.

  • WyDeEYesFLo

    ScHoolboy Tha hardest out of the whole show

  • Manny Bravo

    Aye, it’s cool to see Rolling Loud expand beyond Florida. They better not start prioritizing the other locations over us though. It’s the best festival we’ve got.

    *Check out my debut album on September 25th. It’s called “We Gon’ Die Anyway!” and will be available on Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud.*

  • TKingLives

    nice guy

  • JW

    I read that list like Travis Scott, homo thug, Schoolboy Q, homo thug, homo thug, homo thug, homo thug, homo thug, homo thug, homo thug etc.