Young Thug And The Game Are Going At It Again

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  • Micho Rizo

    Young thugger the nut-hugger needs to crawl back into a pack a skittles where he belongs……smh, scary ass nigga.

  • Fthegov

    They both internet bangin.. Come on now.. Real ones creep in silence. Haven’t y’all learned from the OG’s. & no this ain’t lyrical beef like jay & nas.

  • gas pacc

    Look like the same pic yucc mouth used for game lol

  • WyDeEYesFLo

    Yung thug a bitch only hating ass niggas get mad when someone say some real shit

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    How did he know that The Game was talking about him specifically? There are plenty of so called tough rappers out here wearing teenage girl dresses. Young Thug isn’t the only nigga who dresses like that, he might’ve jumped to conclusions a little to early… but hey, if the skirt fits… wear it.

    • MacDre

      I think he is the only one that straight out actually wore a dress lmao. The other fags were in the closet and calling it fashion stuff, long shirts, kilts.

    • Diondre Buford

      And in the actual interview game said specifically about the thug beef that he went to Atlanta and “it got real” and earlier he was saying how a lot of guys back down when it gets real, the part that messed me up was that he was speaking like he went and checked young hugger, but at the same that FaceTime video may be out of context, hell Idk, I’m just a nigga talkin

      • Chris

        Game probably was feeling peaceful vibes from me eating with Farrakhan. You know how much he reveres him and probably felt like being the bigger man and apologizing. Farrakhan will change your life. Lol

  • nexan28

    Young thug is queer, but the game is one of the most annoying, tryhard faggots in rap.

  • kardsufur

    wow game is a scary ass bitch

  • Anthony Mitchell

    its clever marketing between the two. look at their last beef. thugger was dropping the barter 6. look at this beef. game dropping the documentary 2. its all publicity.

  • XLR8

    I listen to Game’s music, most of tracks he come out with go hard but there is always 2 sides to this nigya when it comes to feuds. Young Thug off and on has his hits too but I’m just now down with some of his lyrics, his personality and his appearance. Both claim to have Blood ties so why are they going at each over Lil Wayne?

  • Tim

    Love Game, but does he understand hashtags? Haha

    • Sebastian

      was thinking the same lol

  • suave09

    what if both these niggas are both cool and only doing this for attention, i mean there both known for doing shit for publicity

  • Dyceraw120

    Game would beat young thugga ass..i never heard of any nigga with thug in there name wear women clothing but hey its his world i guess

  • DR.WHO?

    I actually wanna see game knock his ass out

  • Daniel Gucci Prasad

    My Nigga Game All Day

  • Semtex

    Young thug with his shitty broken phone, I hope game smashes his face to match that phone screen

  • MIC

    and now thugger is a mad at interview from Friday? lol game aint even say nothing bad…lol


    I never forgot game told this nigga he was gonna blow up his nail salon lmfao

  • Rodney Rothstein

    lil niggaz wear skirts and expect respect where they do that at

  • 1h45h

    thugger dissed himself by standing up when game mentioned dresses

  • Je’sus

    Jayden smith wears dresses, media be starting wars these days, Always asking about the past to bring up past shit.

    • T.A.P.

      Its up to niggas to overlook or bypass that type shit….the media will never change

  • Everybody has seen what the game can do to a nigga lol pretty sure thugger doesn’t want those hands..

  • BigHomieLight

    I cant wait till the Game 40 glock this nigga

  • TimDerr

    he can’t translate it in to album sales cause nobody in their right mind wants to listen to this idiot and 90% of those that do can’t understand a word he says. Grown men don’t listen to other grown men who wear dresses. When you see a grown man in a dress you know right away this guy aint all there. Young thugs does NOT make music that we will remember….thank goodness.

  • T.A.P.

    Game betta watch his moves….cause if the fag responds then game will have to….point im making….game will lose either way…u beat a faggs ass its damn this nigga fights faggits….he whips ur ass then u got beat by a fagg….y even beef wit a nigga that admits to wearing women’s attire?

    • Pablo Escobar

      i dont think there is a possibility thug wins a fight against game tho

      • T.A.P.

        No doubt…..but he gone look like a bitch ….beating on that bitch

  • BeenASavage

    Lol. Young Thug Be Making Some Hits. Proud of me and calling your name is tough. And again wit Gucci is tough. Why yall even care anyways its not yall life. YALL NEED TO GET ON 38 SPESH! TRUSTTTT ROC CITY!

  • Jawan Savage

    Young Thug may be kinda suspect but that don’t mean shit there’s something off about that nigga besides the way he dress he ain’t got it all up there i wouldn’t be surprised at all if he went to jail in the future for killing somebody…….

  • #Worklife

    LOL Game is killin me with that pic

  • 100squad

    “Cause they’re disrespectful. And they’ll be talking crazy at you with a dress on” tell em, Young Tampon thong must have gotten in a bind. Real shit how you gone talk reckless to another man with a dress & stockings on? I couldnt even take buddy serious. And of one cat from my blocks was claiming the wild,wild & was out there like that, he wouldnt be out there like that for long, you cant rep the squaad with all that going on. Who gone respect you in the streets like that when they know you the get on your knees type?

  • dj202

    Damn game leave Madea alone.

  • Jt Segur

    Game ass hasnt been relevant since gunit. So idk what this nigga even talking about.

  • Rhymeschemin

    Young Thug is the definition of what’s wrong with today’s rap game. Whack ass rappers talking whack ass shit on social media. Game is definitely not one to fuck with.

  • Carlos Medina

    I say game should just beat the shit outta young thug.. just for the fuk of it. I like reading and seeing new entertainment hahaha fuk the nut hugger