Young Thug And Future End The Day With Subliminals

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  • SY

    I listened to young thug once… I have cancer now

    • Phillip Narcisse

      Soo… Thug going in

    • fried rice

      I died in the pool I was swimming in when he came on.

  • Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr

    Both these niggas have the same flow and they arguing

    • Ayoub El Asry

      You’re wrong because you have White eardrums.

      • SY

        You have Arab eardrums lol

        • Ayoub El Asry

          Close enough lol

      • Thomas Edward Patrick Brady Jr

        im black dumbass and both these niggas have the same flow.

  • TheKingShaun

    Came for the comments , lost interest in the topic once the nigga said ” it’s ok to ride a nigga dick ”

    • fried rice

      Dick riding is normal now that’s what likes are for on the Internet

  • Mack Daddy Dess.

    Im not a fan of either but I’d choose Future over Young Thugs horrible terrible ass. He starts fights to stay relevant. Fuck nigga shit.

    • Anthony Mitchell

      what beef has thugga actually started? -_- wayne started shit with him first. game started shit with him first too.

      • Bradlie Jones


        • Anthony Mitchell

          thats not a real beef. i saw an interview with quan…they go back to middle school days. theyre basically brothers..and plies postin a clip of his kid was out of pocket. especially if they never been “friends”… the metro is direct as possible without saying names. how many artist out right now put out tapes back to back to back? other than thug future and gucci?

          • gas pacc

            Yeah cuz we know he wasn’t talkn bout gucci cuz all these south producers wouldn’t b on if it was t for gucci

      • Shawn Stone

        He started the shit with Plies, after mistakenly taking an IG out of context, and the shots at metro boomin and future.

        • xnoxes

          metro started it…indirectly

          • Mack Daddy Dess.

            Everyone Metro boomin produces for sounds exactly like Future. How did young thug assume it was about him?

          • Shawn Stone

            No ya boy young thug nust assumed he was talking about him. Indirectly that sounds like some real hoe shit. He was answering a question.

          • xnoxes

            technically he was. he said niggas who be comin out with multiple tapes a year (which thugger does) so it includes him

      • Mack Daddy Dess.

        No, Thug started the beef with Wayne when he said he’d finish Carter’s 6-10, implying he would take over/ruin the brand that man worked his entire life to create, during the time when the Baby/Wayne beef/split was being publicized the most.

        He started the issue with Plies. Making threats because he reposted a video instead of getting on his BM.

        He started this shit with Future and Metro Booming. Metro didn’t name any names, thug assumed it was about him. Then to call Future Tito and himself Michael, when Future is on top of the game. (I don’t like his music but I can recognize when a nigga has been making moves.)

        Idk too much bout the Game beef. I didn’t Hknow it was a thing, but there are 4 examples here. Take your pic.
        He has displayed he is a hoe ass nigga for years now.

        • Anthony Mitchell

          I don’t how you can not understand his lyrics. Dude is a musical genius for the trap/turn-up sub genre. A plethora of one liners and witty bars. Constantly changing tempo and vocal pitch. Using the vocorder to stretch out endings of words to blend the hook with the next bar. Not to mention his ability to make a mean hook on any track hes featured on.

    • fried rice

      Niggas on here know more about a rapper than they k ow they kids or girl favorite things lol

  • The Waniak

    Thugga’ > Future

  • XLR8

    Metro Boomin is apart of most hits for both guys, I would say he’s the hottest producer of the year right now and if I were Thug right now I wouldn’t shit on my own hitmaker at his peak. He pretty much produced the entire Future/Drake mixtape. Why Thug got offended by that comment? I don’t know, I wouldn’t say both guys sound exactly the same but both harmonize getting in sync with their music and use the same damn producers.

    • fried rice

      Best producer q tip j Cole big krit . Metro is good for producing trap music that’s all

  • zzz

    thuuga the best, but metro was his best producer. shits fucked up…though i dont think metros comments were ever ment for him.

    • Anthony Mitchell

      probably not…probably will never find out unless metro tweets out something to clear the air. but how many artist besides thugga and future putting out tapes like that? none really. add the migos and gucci into the mix and you got basically all the artist who put out a bunch of tapes in a short period of time

      • zzz

        I dont think it was intended for any famous artist. when I read it it sounded like he was specifically giving advice to people trying to become famous rappers. dont make random mixtapes, put your time into one great album and youll get recognition. thats what I got out of it. I dont see why it would apply to thugga, migos, gucci, or anyone already in the game. theyre already well known and make plenty of money off their tapes.

  • 100 FOREVER


  • Anthony Mitchell

    just noticed this. look futures and thugs twitter feed. thug dropped a video and future dropped a new track….more promotional beef lol

  • YoungFriedOne

    Lmao Young Thug need hype cus Future taking shit over . He knew damn well Metro wasn’t subtweeting him . Nigga just had to get his name in something

  • Justin©

    Probably get blasted for this , but Young Thug actually has a bunch of bangers without features….future is just trash

    • Jerome

      Agree with the first part, futures got

    • I Serve the Base > anything Young Thug has ever released

  • Ustupid

    Im just happy that there are alot of diffrent styles, and rappers out there! Cause if these 2 were the only ones, i would start listening to Taylor Swift

    • fried rice

      What different styles out here everybody using uptempo beats “trap beats” nobody rap on different style excluding guys who been in the rap game

      • Ustupid

        Out here? You from tha south?
        Im just listening to some of the old heads who haven’t turned trap…
        And dudes like Nipsey and Kevin Gates…

        • fried rice

          I’m from Philly gates is trash but yea nipsey cool but he been in the game since 08 I’m talking new noggas 2011 and up

  • ripmuzicceo

    Do ya thang thugga.
    Drop asany tapes as you want fuck them niggas,everybody can shine..anytime is good to be alive.

  • #Worklife

    Thank God, Thug wont have the juice like that.

  • Hannibal

    They both suck. Is this really what beef has turned into? Subliminal twitter rants?

    And they say Meek Mill is the drama queen….Try 90% of the rap game…

    • Score1

      hannibal been a snitch this dude love to report messages after he feel sour

  • Tutankhamun

    Whomever writes the captions and titles for this site needs to take the 3rd grade over and learn to explain a sentence

  • Lorenza Gibson

    Men don’t indulge in the bullshit …………. Real Shit