Young Thug Accused Of Smacking Woman Over Girlfriend Jerrika Karlae [VIDEO]

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  • bawse

    damnnn she is fat

  • Johnathan Dough

    She look like a nigga, niggas can get slapped.

  • You mad huh?

    just when i thought hurtbae was the best actress….this chick pops up..gtfoh

  • Astronaut

    All the bums saying she gone get paid. Lol. Stings in your entourage bra

  • Iam-the-great-iam

    lol Bitch you was out of line so you got hoe slap

  • Dirt

    Thugger probably thought that was a grown ass man at first glance, and i dont blame him

  • Matt Leon

    I’m usually against dudes laying their hands on females, and I’m usually against Young Thug himself, but I do have some exceptions to the rule. Thug was defending his girl. As long as it was only a slap, ain’t nothing wrong with that. I can say I commend him on this.