Young Lito Uses Chinx To Fire Back At Troy Ave

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  • Rich blackman

    If he didnt have a gun why the fuck would he run to the shots. I would have made sure shit was clear too. So I run into bullets so dope boy troy can think Im real. FOH.

  • Lol niggas be in they feelings on the internet lol

    • NYCityKid

      lol that’s a fact

      • Regardless of what happened all the wrong noggas got shot lol

        • NYCityKid

          Word and none of these weirdos caught anything. smh

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    These niggas need to stay away from social media with their sensitive ass

  • FaboLoso

    so he just stood by and watched his nigga get choked up?

  • KingsCounty

    lito really aint making himself look good at all. its wack watching the politics behind the scenes with these industry taste makers. niggas is frauds and unless the video is fake, it looks like lito didnt hold his ppl down, so now having beef with his ppl and talkin bout chinx to deflect the punk shit is wack.
    i will never take lito serious musically he looking like a fake fuck to me.

  • Craig

    So this nigga also watched chinx choke his boy out. And all he thought was dang that nigga official.