Young Dro Isn’t Here For The Romper Rumors

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  • FaboLoso

    notice how the bow wow challenge disappeared though, now young dro and male rompers are the talk of social media, they always find something new.

    • Twiz

      Yea bruh thats life

  • NYCityKid

    Nigga said am ah pull that whole bitch down to get the head” lmao

    • Craig

      Nigga gotta pull it down from the shoulders lol

  • kushxchevys


  • Frank White

    The second response is how everyone accused of anything should respond. fuck the internet

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    You knew Dro was gonna comeback with some funny shit to say lol

  • t-stupid

    I wonder if niggaz put dey right foot in first r if dem niggaz sit on da bed & put both feet in lol

  • Supreme Trunks

    Bruh you hella sus if you go buy this mess. Be a nigguh and just get some shorts and shirt.

    • Mikejones

      why cant a nigga buy something if he think it look swaggy cause you insecure niggas think wearing certain pieces of clothing make you gay?

      • Supreme Trunks

        I just said why. Df you need a romper for bruh? That is basically a onesie. I didn’t say you gay if u get it, you just hella sus. Cause u know where u can find that romper? In the women section so go ahead n get you one a nd a matchin one for your girl bruh. Do your thing.

        • Mikejones

          sus is an inference that someone is gay, the point is you’re so uncomfortable with your sexuality that you think that because females can wear something similar it makes you feminine

          • Supreme Trunks

            No sus means u are ACTING gay ( not confirmed) since wearing clothes that females wear is what gay dudes do. I’m comfortable in my sexuality bruh. I knocked down too many to trip on that. I’m talking how u present yourself. But that’s just my opinion. Do your thing man.

          • Mikejones

            thats like telling a girl she’s a dike for wearing a pair of jordans, if you think someone is acting gay chances are you think that person is actually gay lol

  • perfect

    Thats how a Man should respond right there.