Young Dolph Says He’s Sick And Tired Of Joe Budden [VIDEO]

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  • KawantA

    I swear, some of you HHE writers need to take some writing classes. To be writing a “news” article, you would think you would have been told that news is suppose to be impartial. Or do you guys not take your jobs seriously? Must not, the whole team of writers is probably a bunch of emotional ass 20 year olds listening to drake on repeat.

  • Blac

    Hood niggas don’t expect to live past 25 huh. 36 ain’t old. Dolph you 31 yourself lol. According to you, you old too.

    • capone

      He is a fucking fool

  • DaveyStoned

    “ask joe budden when was he the best of the best?” how about we ask any one of these young rappers to spit a decent verse once in their life. none of these bitches are any good. joey is simply putting it out there that no new niggas can rap if these whack dudes want to shut him up than learn how to gain some fucking talent?

    • Mikejones

      thats cool but he just come across bitter

    • @goingforGOLD_

      Dirty Mouth-Lil Yachty

    • Supreme Trunks

      I agree wit your comment but dolph saying at Joe’s prime was he ever CEO. He didn’t come after his lyrical abilities. But being CEO of a small business is about the easiest thing to do.

  • Robert Williams

    If drake said what dolph said, do yal think hiphopearly would have the same closing statement or “Views” and question?? Or would they some how find a way to agree?

    • kushxchevys

      Of course not young nigga dnt ever compare drake to dolph lmao

      • Robert Williams

        Lmao yes sir, sorry sir

        • kushxchevys

          Lmao *tips hat* good day

    • AZ

      I can dig ya comment fam Drake has a zombie fanbase, but honestly Views and More Life was mediocre in itself.

      • Robert Williams

        It’s tru… I ain’t fuck with neither, just was saying how they be on the man dick

        • AZ


  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Young dolph is a faggot trying to play caotain save a hoe i dont think joe has ever once mentioned this faggot thats close to joe in age

  • WyDeEYesFLo

    Stop making trash music no one will say Shit

  • smith jones

    Joe budden talking all this shit. Only raekown boy checked him… 50 cent been talking shit.. only one real incident back in what.. early 2000s??

    New rappers talk that shit but ain’t checking no one just going on social media…

  • Myleage

    watch out. Dolph gonna come after you Daryl Johnson

  • yolkipalki69

    joe is really annoying considering he wack now and cant handle opinions

    • kmillard

      Thats all he did was give HIS opinion. So that makes him whack?

      • YoungPrime

        Bingo! And for the record “Rage Against the Machine” was one of the best hiphop albums of 2016 IMO.

        • kmillard

          So be it

  • Trip6

    Thanks to the author for highlighting the high levels of confusion my homie dolph exibited in this “rant”

  • YoungPrime

    I’m sick a corny idiots starting lame beef over nothing!
    All Joe Budden said about Dolph was that he doesn’t listen to his music. You don’t have to be a “CEO” to not be interested in someone’s music. As “irrelevant” as people claim Joe Budden is, they sure are quick to mention him to get their own recognition!

  • Manny Bravo

    This age divide in hip-hop is corny. Cut that shit out. Everyone has their style of music that they like, and someone else’s opinion doesn’t affect your listening experience.

    • YoungPrime

      Exactly! Especially when the older hiphop consumers are still the ones buying CD’s in BestBuy and Target!

  • AZ

    Dolph is dumpster Juice bro! He don’t wanna spit it out wit Buddens… only new niggaz hot rn is my nigga Dave East(And he been spittin flames since 2010) Don Q, and Moneybagg.

  • AZ


  • AmazingLilBastard

    This nigga is known for 1 song “Pump It Up”, and that only because it was the NBA Streetz theme music.

  • Ye’

    Nooooooo joe budden does hate a lot.

  • Amanwithnoname101

    Joe just wants the best from these young niggas

  • wilMaster04

    niggas actin like joe 56 lol

  • @goingforGOLD_

    Respect Dolph for this, even though he didn’t touch on the right points… and he’s in his 30’s himself. Budden is a bitter bitch, I’ve never seen a nigga so washed up have opinions about niggas that are actually active. It’s even more concerning that niggas listen to him.