Young 22 (22 Savage) Won’t Be Charged With Murder

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  • LatarionMilton

    Should have charged this nigga for illegally cloning another man

  • BrodieThaGod

    Never realized he was the same dude that did that flyer shit. He’s more lame than I thought

  • 22 >>>>>>>> 21

  • XCalibur

    Funny how he claimed to be a savage, yet he’s in a picture surrounded by nothing but White people. Another internet gangsta it appears…

    • Matt Leon

      Same shit i was saying. Like it’s not even the fact that it’s a bunch of white people but it’s a bunch of white people that looked like they stepped right out of one of those rich gated communities where there’s always some resident or worker there that looks at you funny if they see you driving up.

  • azwolf

    ill take 22 out with my red ryder bb gun

  • Melo

    I see why these dudes be gripped up…niggas are frail as fuck. Niggas get skinnier and skinnier. Tf