YG Refuses To Get Out Of Car During Traffic Stop

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  • Craig

    bruh he need to be smarter than that. They already look for a reason to pull you over and you just out here giving them what they want. THE HUNT IS ON AND YOU’RE THERE PREY. – menace 2 society

  • Melo

    Is you’re gonna play the role, know how to play it. He needs to watch more traffic stop videos on YouTube.

  • kushxchevys

    Lol fuck 5 0 thats some la shit dnt get off till the back up comes and makes us lol

  • R.Tyler

    Wow YG is just TRYING to get shot huh? Didn’t get out the car, had no ID, tinted windows, AND no license plate? Like dafuq? Like you wanna be a statistic huh? Does this dude realize cops have been going open season on niggas for NO reason. The last thing you wanna do is GIVE them a reason. Shit after hearing all of this i’m more surprised they didn’t shoot his ass.

  • Killa Cam Newton

    I would have givin him a ticket for acting uppity and not being the headliner nigga you just rapping until everyone get out of them long lines and seated to see kendrick