YG & DJ Mustard Beef On Instagram About Money

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  • Inspektr

    thats me saying “mustard on the beat hoe” you aint never paid me for that. LOL oh thats a good1

  • Rilly Jo

    he aint get paid for the album but he was in yg new video for 2015 flow for the movie. rofl. sounds like that dude who kept working for cash money even tho he aint get paid. the dude who made the a milli beat

    • guest

      he didnt make a milli, bangladesh made it.

      • 1Broskie

        he saying it sounds like tha same situation, not that its tha same dude.
        they didn’t pay Bang’ til after 6ft7ft

      • Rilly Jo

        nigga i know. u misread my comment

  • MediaMaam

    Oooh poor kids. They are coming for each other when they should be coming at the business side. Creatives rarely control the cash.

    • Myleage

      exactly. a lot of artists dont know that and so corporate mfers cheat them and they blame other artists for not getting paid. im sure YG has no control over who gets what potion of his album revenue. hell. i doubt he had any left over after the label recouped the royalties.

  • Matthew Winter

    Best rapper-producer combos of our generation? Really? DJ Mustard aint on the radar for a great producer and YG certainly isnt a great rapper but together they make a great combo? How that work?

    • a random black guy


    • swag

      the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

      • Matthew Winter

        In a lot of cases yes this is very true and it may be true for these 2 but in my opinion the whole in the case is still not amomgst the greats of any generation.

  • Mistah FAB and Yg bouta start collaborating Lol

  • Myleage

    “best rapper-producer combo of our generation”

  • moski

    Stop fighting fellas sit at the round table an work them numbers out. Because I know for sure the parent label got paid. So after the recouped money where is that money both sides agree upon. So stop beefing yall was friends when yall ain’t have nothing an then yall fighting now. That’s what the public want.

  • IMOfuckurthoughts

    dam who made who hot..lol

  • BeyoncesButthole

    If he didnt pay you then why did you give him the beats?