Kanye-Taunting Banner At Glastonbury Depicted Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

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  • lando

    Ray j sucks,but this shit is sum funny ass shit.

    • blogosiaka

      Was sucked rather

  • LOL

  • FLYnn

    He knew what he was “getting into”

  • YungShoota

    damn they show the bitch suckin off rayj n everything u kno kanye salty af for this one

    • ImmoveableForce

      maybe if you werent snitching on niggas

      • xnoxes

        aint the real shoota he never be commenting back like the reall one




    If you wife a smut bucket then you know the diggers going to fly your way
    I think Kanye built for the this shit he probably just smiled

    • ThatNiggaJigga

      knowing kanye he was tight af bruh , dk which kanye you’re talking about

      • brian tokarski

        no, not really

        • ThatNiggaJigga

          kanye gets mad when the paparazzi talks to him or when sway asks him the wrong question, youre a dumbass

          • brian tokarski

            no, not really. sounds to me like he has his dick in your mouth tho.


          • ThatNiggaJigga

            thats my dick in your moms mouth but i call her cum guzzlerr

          • brian tokarski

            Honestly, that’s all you can come up with? Its hard enough with your English skills, let alone spelling and that’s all you can come up with? Wow man. Just wow. No wonder why you love Kanye that much.

          • ThatNiggaJigga

            lol ok

          • brian tokarski


          • ThatNiggaJigga

            im a huge kanye fan. i love kanye. but u dillisunal. THats prolly what happens to a person when he locked in a basement in his mamma closet chronically masturbating cuz he hella ugly

  • kvltwalter

    Oh yeah, the reason Kim K is actually known by anyone and has since become a multi-millionaire megastar with her own TV show, fashion and makeup line, etc is because of a shitty porn tape. Only in America.

  • Corky Traxman Strong

    but dummies will defend it smfh