XXXTENTACION Released From Jail

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  • Trabiscayne

    Never heard a thing from this zombie looking fufu… congrats on being free though

    • Craig

      He got fifteen minutes because drake allegedly stole one of his flows

      • «《2ryte2drive》»

        Yea i thought it was “alleged” until i really listened to both the songs. Drake ripped his flow and is probly gonna try to do that nigga how he did ilovemakonnen which is mad dirty. If yall know any hist. On that. The song Kmt or kmg or whatever from drake shit more life is whack.

  • Lol shoe

    I wonder what he got at gamestop.

    Kingdom hearts?

    • imaginationsequation

      1 and 2 were surprisingly dope

    • Craig

      He got an application

  • kushxchevys

    Lol add me on xb1 kushxchevys

  • «《2ryte2drive》»

    Trabyiscayne stop flexxin like you aiint herd that Look at me! Thought that sht was whack af till i bumpd it a few times shit is infectious! My lil bicch gotta throat fUCC!

  • «《2ryte2drive》»

    Hell yea he did i feel like he could be better than all the new rappers just depends on what angle he works. Is he going to just meet the industry standard (sound the same as every1 else) or start a whole new wave. Ps everything thats happening now the bible said would happen in the end times. I dont condone everything xxtentanigga say but he slid on that sht. Like a fat guy goin down a water slide

    • «《2ryte2drive》»

      Seems to me like the hidden agenda is being pushed hard stay woke.

  • HotlineQueef

    this nigger got his name from xbox live in 2007