XXXTentacion ‘Hangs’ Himself In Disturbing IG Video

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    Fucking ozzy ate a bat. And the list goes on old tactic nothing new move along

    • Poopmaster

      That was dope. Please don’t compare greats to millennial scum wannabes.

      • Killa Cam Newton

        Well my rock knowledge aint all that great so not sure if he was legend status at that point . Xxxtenation does have a certified platinum album with that look at me single attached so you cant diss em to hard

        • Poopmaster

          Ay I ain’t a musician period so In reality my word mean shit lol, but I do know tentacon won’t reach Ozzie caliber FYI Ozzie legitimately stop performing live like two years ago and he still sound beast. Again that don’t have any thing to do with anything haha. I feel you though this guy is blowing up not my taste but yea he clearly do his thing.

          • Killa Cam Newton

            I live in San Antonio and ozzy was banned from this city for awhile for pissing on the Alamo..but fuck him they low key created the Kardashians by starting the whole record family life shit

          • Poopmaster

            That is very true. Nuts, I forgot about that Alamo shit

        • Nah ozzy got big because the bizarre things he did lol he ain’t become a legend really until he got older same shit with biggie and PAC didn’t really blow up till death

          • Poopmaster

            Ozzie has an incredible voice when he was with Black Sabbath that was a, and is an incredible band. When Ozzie left on his own, he created his own brand. Ozzie a god in his world a true innovator and influencer. Haha sorry I just really respect that dude lol

          • Nah I respect the fuck outta Ozzie but u know how fame goes and it’s sad how some people are amazing and then nobody realiEs until they are dead or they mind is gone from drugs and Hollywood lifestyle I’m not a big rock guy but him ac/D.C. Led Zeppelin man legends

          • Poopmaster

            Oh fosho money and trust always fuck with peoples metal….well and I’m sure all the speed ballin’ this foo did and prolly still does lol

  • CDot

    Fuck this weird ass wack ass wannabe rapper Smh

  • Mr postman

    Well he did say his album was gonna focus on people who go through depression and suicide, so can that be a reason? Anyway he still a weirdo

  • MartyMcFly

    He didnt actually do it? Damn.

  • LatarionMilton

    How come these new niggas cant just rap without all this extra weird shit. Just rap!!!!

    • Justin J. Carlson

      new generation. i wont judge.

    • Jeffrey Fayomi

      iss art

  • brothaman2000

    flop !!!!