XXXTentacion Fires Back At Haters After Domestic Abuse Details [VIDEO]

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  • smith jones

    If she lying she would of kept itb simple
    She saidbetween a fork and something else ? Lol that nigga did it

    • kushxchevys

      Nah. Had a girl say i whooped her ass at chuck e cheese and kidnapped my kid lol was arrested then released when they saw surveillance camera.. my homie also locked uo right now over these bogus ass stories that we all kno is false. These hoes go extra times 20

      • Lord_Farquad

        Some of the stuff I can believe, but all that shit about kitchen utensils & an ass whooping b/c she hummed along to a featured artist’s part on HIS song sounds made up af to me. I’d be surprised to find out it was true.

        • kushxchevys

          Yup even if he did 45% that shit its all bad lol but gotta give the benefit of the doubt at first let the nigga go thru trial… these niggas talkin shit b4 hes convicted are hypocrites lol

        • SlimJuve25

          idk you really didnt make a good case for yourself on this one, threaten her with kitchen utensils cause she complimented a male friend on his new jewelry seems possible, an on the second part if she said nothing the whole song then hummed the feat i would be salty it’s like the feat bodied me on my own song wouldn’t do what he did but she suppose to be his #1 fan that disrespectful, him beating her an threatening to kill her after she cheated, i believe it cause in every situation she fucked up an i would be mad two this is how some insecure male deal with it

          • Lord_Farquad

            Yeah, I guess I can see him gettin’ mad at her about the jewelry thing, especially if she did it right in front of him. I could see that as being taken as a little disrespectful. But he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to sit on no anger, and then wait ’til him & his girl get home, and THEN start makin’ threats.

            The humming thing…yeah, I guess I could see that, especially if she did it purposefully to get on his nerves, in that real intentionally bratty, obnoxious way females do (with a lot of attitude). lol

            I’ll put it like this though: if she really was doin’ all of that type of stuff, tryin’ to pick at his nerves/emotions, and he stayed with her despite that, that’s an L for him.

      • perfect

        I did a year because my ex said I beat her and put her in my car and dragged her across state lines. My time clock and video at work showed i was 40 miles away from where the supposed incident took place at the time it took place. The judge didnt care about that. 5 years later she wanted me to see my daughter and help take care of her I made sit in that judges chambers and tell him the truth. It didnt change anything but I feel vindicated.

        • kushxchevys

          Thats crazy fuck hoes fuck jail lol

  • Astronaut

    This nigga is weirder than Tyler the creator. Who would’ve thought that were feasible.

  • Gr8ness

    This is one odd ass nigga. I don’t know if this nigga did what he’s accused of or not but I damn sure wouldn’t be surprised if he did.

  • skram

    This homo is the defintion of a sensitive wanna be thug ..truly