Wyclef Jean Compares Young Thug To Tupac

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  • ✝ Fleezus Christ ✝

    I hate to admit but Wyclef might be smoking penises too

    • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

      for real

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  • Nvrgiveup1

    When young thug make a “Dear Mama” comes wake me up until then gtfoh!!!!

    • TRUTH

      Everybody doesn’t have a touching story to tell about their mom. Y’all kill me with that dear mama shit. What if a nigga mom wasn’t on drugs and he had a normal upbringing?? He can’t be better than Pac?

    • Mike Donovan

      hatin ass nigga… rap/hip hop will be just like jazz. you closed minded fuck niggas who call yourselves heads and purists never let the music expand and elvolve. its all neccessary. fcuk you niggas will kill the art form you claim to love

      • Jhonny Bravo

        Let me guess, you enjoy listening to silly tunes of the “new-gen” artist such as this boy-girl, 21Wackage, Uzi, Vert and a plethora of these rap-rodents clogging the airways with they’re meaningless, no-depth having, anything to catch a buzz songs…
        Now I’m all for evolving, but you’re devolving when you dumb music down to the point where it is now.
        To each his own.

        • Mike Donovan

          hey schlitz malt liquor elitist i like all fucking music. ALLLL this music is fucking necessary. When people reach adult they forget to be open

          “The child you was is the nig…the man you are today”

          Muthafuckas grow and forget that the child is open and become this fake ass moralistic wanna be high brow critic. Not only that but you are commenting about radio which makes you fake. you then contradict yourself. so long as it meets your high level of taste their is room for it. Thats dumbest shit ever. There is room for all music because its just that.. music.. you should russel simmons back and tell you want poetry jam back. This is music and everything is acceptable under the sun. You sound like more of a consumer of music than a lover

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  • Spider-man

    This nigga and Erica must be smoking the same shit.

  • KDaHOE

    Your an idiot

    • MartyMcFly


  • The_real_Tito

    This is why hurricane Mathew happened

  • Jason Rowson

    I should slap the shit out of Wyclef for that comment. No one is like 2pac. No one

  • Astronaut

    The made it seem like he was meaning lyrically

  • (✮❀♬Jdm Life♪ ❀✮)

    not even close

  • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

    Seeing wyclef say this makes me glad what happened in Haiti


      LMFAO!! savagery at its finest!

  • JJonah

    Clef ain’t been right since he was greased up on that Ducati smh

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Lol this nigga snorting anthrax.

  • Smoolet Willis

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