Woman Goes Off On Meek Mill For Saying She Wears Fake Timberlands

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  • Chancin’ ✞

    Butter face

    • TKingLives

      Shameless? haha

  • bawse

    she seems trustworthy

  • Allen Smith

    Lol I follow her, seen it when it happened

  • CDot

    What’s wrong with these women man?! How is she not mad that he called her a thot but she’s mad about him clowning her shoes. Smh

    • kinglobey

      aint nun wrong with her shes just from NY. disrespecting the tims is like spitting on ya mother (aka Muva)

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Cuz he ain’t call her a thot. He said he will look past the Thot “pose”. Technically, Datz not Da same as calling her a Thot.

      • CDot

        My nigga….did you not watch her video tho?! That’s how she took it tho

  • kinglobey

    hahahhaha nobody said them shits fake they just ugly… her man prolly bought them for her and now they both vexed… who else peeped the back 2 back instrumental in the background hahaha

  • kushxchevys

    Them shoeboots dam beybey lmao

  • UnderratedTruth

    I’m gon name this nigga L Debarge shittt! He earned it too!

    • youareincorrectbitchnigga

      you really consider this a L?

      • UnderratedTruth

        Hell yeah bruh fuck her shoes just admire her body if you gon post a comment but calling out her shoes, that some shit you laff at with ya boys just sitting around, and yeah she got a buttah face but that body bangin, but thats just me bruh! You can do what you feel but he a celebrity that ain’t a good look and I like Meeks music but dude be on some hoe shit!

        • youareincorrectbitchnigga

          it was a joke my nigga now making a joke is hoe shit? you forgetting celebrity’s are still regular people not like he went to her house and stole the pic and posted it to roast her that would be hoe shit, She posted the pic herself online for the world to see

  • UnderratedTruth

    Bruh believe me LOL, I used to do the same shit but we was wit our boys in the hall tripping not on social media blasting her and he a celebrity! That dude has a bitch complex. But bruh you took me back in the days on that shit lol!

  • CDot

    Lmao! Exactly. Chick got no respect for herself.

  • ChiCity1988

    Watch Meek get all in his feelings and reply to this bitch LMAO

    • FuckYaCommentB…

      Dey showed his reply in Da article. He just kept flaming Da chick. Read brother, read lol.

  • black adam

    bitch look like a man

    • Eptoday

      Came here to say the same

  • Sean

    Meek thirsty

  • TKingLives


  • LOL

  • NYCityKid

    Looking like you might beat that case boy! I just saw some shit on vlad tv bout some text message they found

  • Anthony Montgomery

    phat ass broad in the vid and meek looking at shoes….. hmmmm, no wonder why Nikki left, he too concerned with ig and bullshit, when u arent a real street dude it clearly shows

  • Jay Burke

    glastenbury “6”…ok meek reaching..sad..85-229 amazon

  • Ahh Real Fudgin Monsters

    She a thot what she want.

  • Whitedude

    I’m not going to say where it is; but, whoever did the final read-through before posting this, YOU FUCKED UP SOMEWHERE, FAM! Haha
    Hire me, please. Let’s make this website great! Seriously.

  • NYCityKid

    Damn, I just did my googles. This nigga is a Savage! And Vlad was quoting daily mail bout some deleted text messages that could clear him of the double murder but I ain’t see it pop up on no real news site.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Classics​, from early 2000’s

  • Whill

    You can’t possibly where fake Timberland’s; them shits don’t even cost that much, and damn people take this social media shit to serious let alone take this clothing shit too serious; I mean look at Kanye West with is unethical clothing agenda having ass.

  • ilikemusic.

    She looks like a Meercat

  • Jugg Season

    She stupid she said u can clearly see the Timberland sign….that’s with anything u gone see the sign fake or real