Wiz Khalifa’s Custody Battle With Amber Rose Will Involve Lots Of Dog Poop

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  • alamo_RED

    Una puta, ex-stripper, exhibicionista y un serio drogadicto. Ninguno de los dos debería de tener la custodia de Sebastian.

    • los322

      Que te valga verga no?

    • YUNGshoota187

      nigga cant nobody read that bullshit. speak american or gtfo of here.

      • leighanne

        I just have to point out how ignorant you sound saying the phrase “speak american.” America doesn’t have a designated language. It’s called a melting pot for a reason. Plus the English language is just that… English (England)

        • YUNGshoota187
        • a

          jokes on you…preaching about ignorance to someone named YUNGshoota187, what are you fucking retarded?

        • MyNameIsNoBody

          He like that in every post , I don’t know why he is trying to act so hard behind his screen LOL

        • Anthony Koster

          English is derived from England… We don’t drink tea and eat crumpets… We drink soda and eat mcdonalds… It safe to say we speak american..

      • Turquoise Lyrical Simmons

        It’s called English not American. How about
        You go back to kindergarten. No one can read your bullshit either

        • Aaron Porter

          You wouldn’t have commented this, if you couldn’t read what he said. You should have left out that last sentence.

        • John Jerry


          • michy

            mexican isn’t a language retard.

          • SistaBetty

            Not only Mexicans speak Spanish, and there’s no language of preference online considering that other countries have access to the internet.

      • Guest


        • Crystal Reed

          Speak English then is that better is my grammar correct. America is the only dumb country that doesnt like admitting it has a leagal language but it does. Go to any school in America what language will be spoken ENGLISH yes in some they might have classes for hispanics to Learn english but engish is the language used by most Americans of all races. In any other country people dont come to your country and expect you to cater to them. Africans come here they learn English Asians come here they learn English. Tired of feeling like a foreigner in my own country. Other nationalities dont require you higher people that speak other languages. If i move to france I would need to learn French. Speak English that is all.

      • yungisahoe

        What a fucking dumb ass “speak american”? Hahah once again making a stupid ass comment fake g, wana b rapper / keef groopie dick sucking hoe! Yung when ur album droppin? Hahah fag..

      • kussh

        Yungshoota187 es una puta mama vergas. I bet u understand that biatch….

      • Guest

        Great job exposing your ignorant ass. Telling somebody to speak a language that doesn’t exist, then showing the world you are incapable of forming a coherent sentence in English. Moron, go read a children’s book.

        • los322

          He probably can’t even read lol

      • nasty

        this is by far my favourite comment

      • poop

        It is called english, and nigga is not a word. By the way his sentence actually has structure, and actually makes sense. Especially compared to your spoiled teenager style of American….. Hahahahaha. Some people are just lost causes. Much like the process of picking up the dog poop in the photo above.

      • Jose

        Lol @ yung shoota

      • Star Yvette

        American is not a language

      • michelle

        dude chill out just cause YOU can’t read it doesn’t mean other people can’t. next time think about the shit you write.

      • Adam Hager

        I think you mean English american is not a language people like you make us Americans look ignorant…smh

        • YUNGshoota187

          stfu u white

          • smh

            ok? he’s white what the fuck does that have to do with you being a complete retard?

      • name

        You should’ve asked for Ebonics or slang
        You clearly speak that

      • Bronx_Rican_Guy

        wow. So ignorant. Are you sure you’re American? You sure don’t know what America is all about. American is not a language. It’s a nationality.

      • Carlos Domenech

        Nigga said she’s a hoe . A dirty hoe, a stripper hoe. Swallowing dicks type a hoe. And they both hoes.

        • YUNGshoota187

          oh word. well that shit facts.

      • the mexican

        Go pick some cotton fucking nigger. There will be some fresh watermelon n fried chicken when you are done. Vete a chingar tu madre wey..

        • YUNGshoota187

          nigga go sell some more damn orenges on the side of the road u mexican fuccboi. fuckin racist ass motherfucker u soundin like a fuckin white.

        • doom002

          Y don’t u go back across the boarder homes

    • John Jerry

      go back to mexico!!!

      • Jq

        Go back to Africa

      • michy

        go back to school.

    • Dez

      For the idiots who aren’t smart enough to use thier smart phone

  • Allen Iverson

    lol dirty ass hoe. this shit funny as hell tho

    • Baddie1

      wat you said allen tes shit is funy

  • quakan

    Yes she should’ve cleaned up the poop outside, but what does the inside look like? That’s what’s most important.

  • NJ Yung Fly

    I’m SORRY but I can’t do that NASTY ASS SHIT……..She supposed to be a WOMAN at that…..What’s worse is that she has a CHILD there, SMFH

  • Kyle Diede Rich

    No one is getting the kid, hes going to a nice white house. Between her shit filled house and Wiz posting a video of smoking a joint every day. they kid will be going to the state. gl to both of them tho.

  • MyNameIsNoBody

    Poor YUNGshoota187 ,he try to act hard but end up being raped in every topic i see him lol
    R.I.P again dude try harder next time

  • MyNameIsNoBody

    May be Amber Rose is doing what she wants but i can’t say much of Whiz Khalifa too.

  • mattres sale

    looks better than my house lmao

  • spencer

    Nasty nigger loving whore.

  • Anthony Koster

    This is kinda bull shit… That’s clearly an isolated dog pen. Depending on how many dogs she has, that could be one days mess. Wiz is going to have to try a lot harder than that to gain custody. Being that he has been putting weed in his music videos for like 8 or 9 years now…

  • Carlos Domenech

    If the outside is dirty. I’m almost certain inside a mess too. Not only that. I’m sure she is one of those wash her hair not her ass thou type of hoe’s. Pussy smelling a gym bag.

  • b,bib,rp

    trop degeu wallah

  • b,bib,rp

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  • Dianna G Rivera


  • Baddie1

    lol tes shit is so fuckin crazy like really