Wiz Khalifa Has Interesting Opinions About His Son And Tattoos

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  • John Best

    I mean, I have to agree. People with tattoos, I feel like they truly want them, so when I see dumb tattoos I get the same feeling he’s got here.

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Fuck getting inked up, I would never mark my skin with that bullshit. All my scars are naturally formed from unformed pain. T.I.P. said it best…
    “So, don’t get it confused, you don’t know that dude / I’m hardcore, no gold teeth, no tattoos / if you don’t want no beef nigga don’t act rude / I got a 4-4 for your attitude” /

    • syrian

      What song is that from?

      • Twizz the Whiz Kid

        ”Jackin’ For Beats” from the ”Down With the King” mixtape.

        • syrian


  • Samisback

    it’s going to be tough trying to stop him from getting tats when he grows up but good luck

  • Jacob Letthatboycook Goldsmith

    thats cuz wiz tats trash

  • XLR8

    That kid looks just like Amber Rose, I don’t see no Wiz in him.