Wiz Khalifa DJ’s Denies They Played Kim Kardashian-Ray J Sex Tape At Show

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  • Dixon

    they wrong for that

  • AC

    Damn I wish I could make dat hoe moan…….no disrespect to ye doe lol


    If wiz played that shit at a show he is a savage,but niggas already know kanye will damage his career.

    • youknow

      i’d like to see him try tbh. just to see if he can live up to the hype.

      • CLOVER•

        Hell yea bro i know ye got some shit ready – they are both talented and its a good thing they are beefin as long WE get some music lol
        2016 is tense in the hip hop community lol

        • Global Bandz

          When Did Kanye Put Chief Keef On The Map ..Because “Don’t Like” Was A Hit Without Kanye & Chief Keef Had Several Hits Before That

      • Phenom1250

        At the same time I wanna see Kanye go in for once, but at the same time he already shown how powerful his influence is to the game. Seeing how he revived Pusha T’s career, put Chief Keef on the map and indirectly destroyed Roscoe Dash’s career just from him talking about Kanye negatively.

  • Je’sus

    How TF you got A flag made.

  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    Hit him where it hurts Wiz… ”I’m smoking KK”.

  • Werr Jmaes

    Ready to have it Shipped via USPS
    Got Actav_Purple Drank Syrup.
    Top shelf Mediical Marijuanaa on Deck.
    Prospective clients only
    Text ..(810)250-7086

    • Anonymous

      – The Feds

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    I bet they called each other up to do this whole beef so Kanye’s new album will sell like hell.