Wendy Williams Mocks T.I.’s Body Type After He Mocked Hers [VIDEO]

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  • HotlineQueef

    this bitch just look like a taller version of tiny lol

    • MartyMcFly

      Or one of those old stretch armstrong dolls

      • xSnOwMaNx

        HAHAHAHAHAHA holy shit you got me

        • MartyMcFly

          Or an inflatable arm flailing tube man with terrible tits

  • Melo

    I get it now! He said, fye her ass up, so she thinks it’s just about her ass. She doesn’t understand slang. It isn’t just your ass! It’s erthang. She looks like Michael Jackson with quadruple D cups and a wig.

    • maaan she lookin real half dead out there lol

      • Melo

        And then some.

    • Supreme Trunks

      I was dead ass trying to figure out where he even mentioned her ass. She that damn insecure? What about your legs? n skin? She literally look like a skeleton with leathery skin smuggling watermelons in her chest

      • Melo


  • jurassicjrod


  • Daniel King

    I’m not been funny or anything but she looks fucked up and looks like she had some work done on her face not a good look the whole pictures are not nice tbh

  • Mike Savage


  • Matt Leon

    I wish Wendy would figure out what the hell it is that everyone is getting on her/him/it about. It’s not about your ass or whether it looks like you had work done. It’s the fact that your whole body is shaped like a damn “P” like come on Wendy, last time I saw a person that was this dense, they were the male protagonist in a harem anime. Smh

  • Craig

    this bitch feelings are hurt bad. Get over it.