Wendy Williams Fires Back At T.I. After Bikini Jab

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  • Jesse Mccree

    Damn this bitch got that Hank Hill ass. And she wrinkly as fuck what the fuck. She only 53 too. Sad!

    • kushxchevys


    • duh


    • Craig

      Dammit Bobby I left my ass in the tool shed.

  • Mr postman

    Eww just eww..

  • YoungPrime

    SMH @ this ex-crackhead assuming that was her only flaw. But as T.I. was saying about as much crap as she says about other people, butt surgery should’ve been a start.

  • kushxchevys

    Of course she fired back he dissed her without dissing her lol fuck tip he a female on social media

  • Matt Leon

    Lol damn wendy need to chill a little bit. That sounded like a little bit of a diss towards Tiny too, and last time I checked, Tiny ain’t said shit about Wendy

  • Grey

    lmao bitch looking like an anime character

  • Craig

    Call her Tyrone tigole biggums. Like a cluck with a triple D cup.

  • Supreme Trunks

    I was going to say the same. What is she proving mentioning TI wife when she bought them titties