Watch Drake, Will Smith And Kanye West All Laugh At Meek Mill

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  • yayayayyaya

    This dude literally ended his career overnight. I wouldn’t wish this shit on anybody. Hopefully his friends and family are keeping an eye on him cause he liable to jump off a building for real.

    Drake should also tone it down… he’s going to feel and look like a dickhead if meek hangs himself


      I feel the same man its bad enough he lost a battle to a Canadian but even his home of Philadelphia has turned against him

      • Hugh G. Dickson

        War of 1812…

        • Laura

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      Also Meek haven’t posted anything on Twitter in about 5 days if im not mistaken so he should definitely probably be on suicide watch smdh

    • WestCoastStylin

      I would imagine things aren’t THAT BAD for Meek Mill, there’s far more worse things that could happen to him than a diss record LOL, he still has his family friends money, he’s still a rapper on a record label, he’s still banging nicki minaj…..he’s good

      • Denny The ONE

        you know its bad when people gotta count what he still has to make sure hell be “okay” after this embarrassment lol money friends family and minajs booty cheeks could never repair his status as a serious rapper anymore. He lost lots of respect over this shit.

      • yayayayyaya

        Go see the video in the lloyd banks post on this website… the entire club is booing the DJ for playing meek mill…. this is going to be a huge blow to his career…. his only hope is to spend a year working on the ultimate drake diss.

    • Ed Smith

      Lol, Meek gonna be cool. Check his album sales n shit since this shit. Lol Drake is doing this nigga a favor. I mean be honest Meeks not the greatest MC ever but the boi Meek nice. He’s got some of the illest cipher videos floating on net. And he his rap style is built for the back n fourth shit. Drakes execution was just flawless and he clearly thinking several steps ahead of Meek. However, I wouldn’t count Meek out just yet.

      • $eany B

        Nigga Meek is dead, he’s been toe-tagged, he won’t be coming back from this. RIP

      • Dominic Ross

        Cassidy bodied Meek a year and some change ago. Meek needs to find a corner to stare at

        • Chris

          True, but Cassidy bodies everybody. I do think meek needs a corner to stare in though

        • Ed Smith

          Idk about that one. I think Meeks REPO diss was more direct,relevant factual then Cass’s disses. He ruined Cass’s credibility

          • Jimmy Torres

            Meek lost the battle with cassidy before it even started .. When he opend his mouth saying oh Cass is the best battle rapper. I’ve seen him in over 1000 battle raps and he haven’t took a L .. He was on Cass Dick and when he gets Poppin he wants to diss cass.
            That My Friend is what you call a FUCK BOY

    • Christian McDonough

      You can’t be a pussy in the rap game

    • goldentiger3

      Honestly at this point i’d let Drake do whatever, Drake now has people on watch because they all think more about that quentin miller stuff. Meek tried to end Drake because we all know ghostwriting is a hiphop no-no even though all commercial rappers do it. People who just listen to rap will laugh at Meek but in the end they wont respect Drake’s bars as much. Their was no reason for Meek to come at Drake because not tweeting someone else’s album shouldn’t drive you to try and end someones career.

      • yayayayyaya

        yeah i been saying meeks tweet was the most feminine thing I’ve ever seen a “hard ass street” rapper do…. I don’t even see normal people that up in their feelings tbh

        • Jamar Johnson

          2 out of 2 albums meek has gotten mad and ran to twitter because someone didn’t tweet his album first wale now drake. At some point he has to be as tough as the things he says in his raps

      • Spoogie HotSkull Graham

        But nikki minaj took lil kims bars word for word. Why aint meek mad at her. He is a pussy whipped soft yout

    • BluntsNchevys


      • yayayayyaya

        He’s mad emotional and never been through shit. He’s just as much a brand as drake except his brand is for wack dudes on the corner with a networth of $20 bucks.

        His emotions are what got him in this mess… and they off the chain…. dude could jump off a building any minute lol

        nicki dumping him.. MMG is probably seeing how things pan out but are ready to dump him any minute.. then it’s back to nappy braids, north face jackets, and VHS rap battles

    • Frank De Painter

      How did he end his career overnight?

      • yayayayyaya

        take this M nigga

    • youngfunds

      He’s on tour still getting money his career isn’t done I’m suprised drake gets a pass for having ghost writers but this generation accepts everything

      • yayayayyaya


    • XLR8

      Drake clearly has a team going at Meek, no way one guy is setting all this shit up. He either knew him and Meek were going to have beef then he started planning months ahead or he has a team of writers producing tracks and giving him ideas to go at Meek. He released 2 diss tracks a week before Meek can even throw out one, Meek’s wasn’t all that good because he tried to rush it out to catch up with Drake who again I believe is working with a team behind the scenes.

      • yayayayyaya

        Meeks on a tour full time… concert, get on the bus, concert, get on the bus. He just didn’t have time…. drake probably has a better schedule atm.

        and of course drake is working with a team…. nobody can make it without a team. How many one person companies do you see that are really cashing in?

  • yungshootadadildo

    lol will smith.3


  • trlvman357

    Meek is done son!

  • Rich Garriques

    you dumb niggas jumpin to conclusions , will is a gay actor , Kanye is a square

    • Dereck Steele

      yep Kanye…one of the best selling artist of all time, just a list of amazing tracks he’s produced for Jay Z and others, bout 20 grammys and atleast 3-4 classic albums lol if he is square then damn

    • Justice4all

      ….and you’re a ignorant little bitch!

      • Peso

        Nahh, he’s a ignorant Little Bitty Bitch !

    • The_real_Tito

      – Meek dick hugger

  • Thomas Ferguson

    Kanye??? Laughing???

    • ITS ME

      LOL right?!

  • cmack510

    dam my nigga…if will an kanye laughin at chu you know your done, congrats to drake on this i know i always call him soft as a rapper but he gained a lot of respect from me from this victory

  • MrMc Clay

    Dam RIP meek

  • trackREVIVER

    Am I the only one that thinks this pic is taken out of context

  • Young29

    They all GAY

  • Et cet·er·a

    Meek tried to end Drake’s career and it backfired BIG TIME!

  • fried rice

    All I wanna know is what drake gone do face to face when he see meek I mean a nigga pissed on him and he did nothing! Foh.anybody who make excuse for that probably quick to call the cops ll

    • Kingquazy

      How he gonna see Meek face to face? Nicki ain’t letting that dude go outside to play. He got chores to do.

      • The_real_Tito


        • Kingquazy

          I just wanna know lol

      • Unckle_Ruckus

        Gotta wash them thongs. LMAO!

  • Bengt Andersson

    What happended to hiphop? People do for real care this much about a superficial twitterbeef, by two not-that-good rappers, that probably are fullscale douchebags both of them anyways. Who da fuck cares. And whats up with this glorifying childish “ghettoblasting” behaviour. Grow da fuck up and talk about how messed up, ruthless and unequal society is instead. Jeez..

    This is why i’m not following american hiphop at all since the new millenium.

    No one raps like tupac. Real life real talk about the fucking world we live in.
    Pussies all of them, only in the game for the money and fame.

    • Hoek

      Gotta check them under ground cats man, but even the term underground is a mess these days. I see you may be a real hip hop fan so let me recommend some new music to check to see if you feel it or not. Some of my fav US MC’s atm are Starvin B, Spit Gemz, check the chillXwill Almighty album, check the 7 GEMS album, Buze Bruvaz, Skanks the rap martyr, Pete Flux and Parental Traveling thought album, Dirt Platoon and the Doppelgangaz, you should find some great new material amongst them cats.

      • Bengt Andersson

        Thanks! Is any of them you namedropped female? I’m into underground female rappers. Or “into”, I want to show interest rather than I care which gender you are. But I’ve been workin’ alot for making more bookings in Sweden of female acts since the industry is superdominated by dudes. 🙂

        Sweden is quite progressive in many ways but now when women has established themselves in the hiphopgame. The hiphop became muuuuch better. 🙂
        The collabs are better when it’s gendermixed and it’s more fun.

  • Minás Dimas

    Drake isn’t even a rapper you guys glorify him even though all his songs sound the same. His songs get played out after a while that’s why he keeps making 2 min songs to replace them. His music to me is good but not great like biggie or Nas where you can listen to them 20 years later. I stopped listening to rap because these malakes aren’t saying anything relevant.

  • Jim Bob

    I hope meek gives em the ruger. Along with yeez

  • JSlimm65

    Alright……yall keep thinking that boy aint gon come back with something super-tight its all about timing……he might just come home and whoop Drakes ass, yall dont know yet, even his city gave-up on him and he still on the road, mark my words don’t count that catt out just yet I think he gon comeback with some fire…

  • Thijs Van Abs

    I haven’t been following this shit at all. Exactly what happened to this Meek Mill?

  • Shelton Masimba Hove

    hahahaha Meek Mill was a puusy to think he can diss Drake the same way he did to Cassidy.Drake cant be dissed by those warkboys in MMG

  • three_iiis

    Kanye and will smith dont fuck with you

  • Kanye Wesh

    poor meek mill.