Warriors Decide To Skip Donald Trump White House Visit

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  • Swagmatik

    That nigga wasn’t with us shooting in the gym !!!!!!

    • Astronaut


  • ITS ME

    crybaby libs gunna be crying for the next 3.5 yrs at least. it gets funnier each day!

    • Craig

      What’s funny is them feds at Trump neck boi

    • Craig

      Oh so you a conservative on a hip hop blog. Do you even know the difference

  • YoungPrime

    This shouldn’t be a shock. They opted out of using Trump hotels before the season even started. Can’t blame them either. Good for them on winning the Finals to!

  • Why does it fuckin matter dammit man nobody can be grown and so wtf they want anymore everybody always got a internet fuckin opinion please take me back to 98 when nobody hung on the internet

    • Astronaut

      What are you saying spook

    • Because they decided to skip the White House visit it doesn’t really affect anyone personally

      • Matt Leon

        It doesn’t affect anyone but so what? Most of these articles won’t affect our daily lives either but we read them anyway. This is news.

        • Meh I guess it’s all shits and giggles on my work commute I don’t even think about celebrities unless I check here

          • Matt Leon

            Same here honestly. It’s especially true with athletes. I dont watch sports so this is the only way I’d even know about this.