Wale Is Mad That DC DJ Barely Plays His Music

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  • DMEcollective

    He wak and soft. Like all Mmg

    • yhge1824

      what about meek

      • TheTrooth

        just cause meek sounds like someone stepped on his toe doesn’t mean he is hard

        • yhge1824

          hahah yeah true but how would you know how hard he really is?
          we can only judge their public actions and i cant recall meek crying cause some dj wont play his shit

        • RunUp


  • plopordrop

    His lyrics are good, his beats are wack. No DJ is gonna play TAAN cause all those beats aren’t beats for the club. No hate just facts. Maybe like House Party Remix or something..

    • nastynate56

      I agree…

    • KawantA

      They could still play shit from Ambition, or Folarin which is full of bangers

  • pump_my_sweetcheeks

    He don’t even get play In my car. just thru the headphones

  • TheTrooth

    omg all this dude does is complain about not getting credit or not being played lol…maybe if his image and vibe wasn’t so ” I”m a whiny bitch”

    • TheTrooth

      people like drake cause his vibe is “I’m on top. I’m winning. Fuck what the haters think”.

      people dont play wale cause his entire being is “Why dont they like ? Why don’t I get airplay? Why don’t they accept me? What am I not being played in the club”

      If I was trying to get into the mindframe that I’m a whiny bitch who isn’t accepted, I’d pop in wale

      the dude is certified bitch

  • JVSTiiiCE

    His stuff isn’t club music is why. I love Wale’s new album, shits mad good, but its not something to party too. The beats are nice af but you won’t catch a girl twerking cause the songs got meaning.

  • Waylo_Marley

    lol my boy wale stay bringing attention to himself smh

  • Light Dat Blunt

    His Beats are dumb wack, somebody needa throw him with someone good with beats, like timbaland, or Kanye, Pharrell. someone needa save this nigga

  • xxthoughtxx

    I’m from DC, these DC rappers don’t put the city on like that, they don’t even work together , Wale you to old for that

  • RunUp

    Wale feelings are always hurt. You can’t play wale in the club he doesn’t have hype club music this is a turn up party not a book signing for oprah