Wale Doubles Down On His Comments About Frank Ocean’s Gay Advantage

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  • sosarozay300

    hes right, the only reason fagelmore became popular was because of his gay song “same love”

    • deethedon

      That thrift shop song made him popular. ..

      • KawantA

        Yes it made him very popular like all other 1 hitters ie Megan trainer (bass) but when he made the gay song…

        • deethedon

          Downtown is number 3 on the charts right now explain that. .I hope your not in charge of any gays ever because there careers are ruined the minute they meet you smh

          • Nnanna Nkele

            Thrift shopping is pretty gay. I know hipsters do it now but it’s pretty gay to male a song about. And downtown. Is one of the gayest songs ever produced. I’d venture to say that the gay community created and supported macklmore

          • deethedon

            Well I’m sure I smashed more women then the average and have no gay thoughts and I support him.

    • Shay P.


  • Ben Ben Ny 2 tx

    Wale is clearly accurate with this one….The acura has him

  • 100%Real

    whats the song playing in the whip? sounds dope

    • Kevin Grisales

      Bryson Tiller – Rambo

  • fried rice

    He’s gay and black therefore he his effeminized and that’s why he won by default even though he got mad vocals and songs but still you gotta be gay or wear a dress when black to get up in any part of entertainment

    • chris

      Drake wears dresses, John Legend is gay? must of missed All of this. If the music is good thats all we care about

      • KawantA

        Drake is have Jew and John Legend has never been as big of an artist as he should be, only last year did white people really hear about him

        • fried rice

          My nigga ty for that explanation

    • #Worklife


  • WhoIsMeekMill?

    YO wale always has some excuse for why he’s not popping anymore and why other people are

    • fried rice

      Who said he not poppin?

      • WhoIsMeekMill?

        wale did haha. he’s always crying about it

  • Meanwhile. Wale wants to be LL Cool J so bad.

  • #Worklife


  • youknow

    hell yea its a boost. being gay is a trend right now.