Wale Demands Respect

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  • goldentiger3

    I definitely think hes under appreciated, but i think its due to his non consistancy, he may drop a single but it doesn’t get people going really, it’ll probably be a song he releases on the album that will get everyones attention.

  • He’s gonna get it to because this album fantastic, I’m proud of Wale

  • Yung Shoota

    Smh this nigga wale a sissy ass fuccboi. Don’t nobody gonna respect that nigga


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  • Twizz the Whiz Kid

    I think it’s just because he complains all the time about not getting the credit he thinks he deserves. Which in actuality he’s right, but when people can see that you are an easily bothered person & they know what gets to you… sadly, majority of the time they’re going to use that against you. He should just let his work speak for itself.

  • Samisback

    keep dropping great music and eventually they will respect you…but you complaining about it isn’t doing you any favors it just makes you look Winny which gives people incentive to not like you or your music.

  • Derrick Burgess

    …..bruh stop cryin lika bitch. how u gonna get mad cuz niggas dont listen to u then tell ppl who do to give a reason why or their dickriders. nigga be happy witcha fans n stunt onyuh haters. your tapes may be dumb but your some of your singles be on point like “bad”, now that shit was cool, but still….stop the bitchin

  • Brandon Cummins KY859

    yeah going about shit like this is definitely not gonna get him respect it will do the opposite

  • Brandon Cummins KY859

    and he just called his fans dick riders if they dont have an intelligent reason to why they like his music…what an asshole and a pussy, he sounds like a pissed off girlfriend lol

  • Cuban Pete

    You dont demand respect you earn it.
    Sounds like a kid throwing a tantrum lol