Waka Flocka Sends Shot That Seems Targeted At T.I.

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  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    a dark horse contender really niggas lmao

  • YoungPrime

    Does this mean his Love and Hiphop contract has ended?


    Am with wake on this one still. TI needs to tap out

    • Myleage

      why? T.I. is doing the right thing, Waka’s not. In fact, Waka goes hard on BLM shit and talked about running for presidency in the news but his music hasnt progressed. it seems like he dissing himself.

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        They’re all full of shit tho

        • cd cole

          Fake tok

          • Worldwide Intentionz

            Exactly bro

        • Myleage

          you have a lot of opinions of what T.I. is doing is wrong, but what are YOU doing that’s right? listen to t.i.’s “I believe.” he isnt full of shit. that gap between your ears is

          • Worldwide Intentionz

            Just because an artist make a few positive songs doesn’t mean they’re living what they’re rapping… You’re very naive and I can tell you don’t really pay attention to actions more than words….

          • Myleage

            Your radar is off cuz I pay more attention to actions. and T.I. and Killer Mike are type of people who ACT. What has Nas said or done recently? T.I. been doing much more for the community than Waka or anybody. You are a contrarian. When you see someone doing something positive and receiving acknowledgment, you try to poke holes and find something wrong. T.I. isnt wrong here. Waka was NOT talking about him.

  • FaboLoso

    A dark horse contender for Waka’s scorn is Meek Mill, who’s been on the BLM train for a while now

    really nigga? when’s the last time you heard meek mention or post anything about BLM he’s obviously talking about T.I yall just hoping it’s meek after he shitted on ya boy drake..lol

    • Myleage

      nah he not talking about T.I. T.I. been talking about BLM shit so it wud be dumb for Waka to JUST NOW call him out. It must be someone new to it, like Gucci. Plus Waka put T.I. on a song a few years back while T.I. was talking about BLM. And Waka himself tryna be into politics and was a panelist on the news and tried to run for presidency until he was told he wasnt old enough. Shit, he could be talking about himself.

      • FaboLoso

        he most definitely talking about T.I he’s the only person that fits the description

        • Myleage

          nah it seems like he talking about niggas (as in plural) in general. he said niggaS (emphasis on the “s”) who try to be philosophers but dont help out. that eliminates t.i. because t.i. does help the community. he talking about the average joe ass niggas tryna be philosophical but still reckless in the streets.

          • FaboLoso

            lol I don’t know bruh I bet T.I responds

          • Worldwide Intentionz

            Listen bruh I’m sensing T.I is one of your fav rappers or sumn and you can be in denial all you want, but it doesn’t stop the fact that T.I (as well as other rappers) are on a payroll for cooning. Not sorry but I know he’s referring to T.I because he’s the MAIN rapper to always put his “logical” input on the BLM movement…. It is what it is yo.

          • Myleage

            he is along with Killer Mike, fab, Pun, and other rappers with common sense. T.I. is never one to be cooning, that’s Wayne post 2008 and Kanye post 2011. if you listen to his logical input (with no quotes cuz it’s quite logical), then maybe you can see the forest for the trees. until then, enjoy the shade while the greats shine. You putting Waka over Tip is crazy. you in denial fam about your own stupidity

          • cd cole

            I agree.A lot of niggas are out of order and cutting the fool.Looking real stupid too.Somebody need to check them.Women included.they doing dumb stuff too

    • DonCDaCapo

      Hell yea cuz meek for sure don’t be on no philosopher shit aha fit ti description down to a t

  • Myleage

    he seem like he talking about the “understood ‘niggas,'” not someone specific.

  • Melo

    These dudes most must be high on coke or Mollie when they do these rants. This shit is an epidemic. P.S. Make music and stop worrying about other people. That’s the shit bitches do.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Wacka Flocka always talking shit, but as soon as a muthafucka makes a video and use the “@” button on him to tag him in the post he’ll post another video saying he wasn’t talking about him and that everyone starting drama. Nigga call Tip out, stick your chest out and mean your shit, at least Meek Millz named dropped Drake (Even though he took more L’s then a driver’s education class)

  • Alex Lowery

    Bro just be speaking in general then here comes the media tryna start beef

  • sosarozay300

    t.i is lame

  • hahahaa

  • Consistent

    Why don’t you journalists at HHE jus ASK Flocka who he’s talking about?

  • Lanae1225

    Waka needs to shut the “F” up, he can’t even keep a story line on Love & Hip Hop. Riding on his momma & wife dicks to stay relevant in life. Get yo ugly ass out & get some money in yo pocket instead of worrying about T. I.

    • Bigdog3814 Bomar

      I know right

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    I Gotta go with Waka on this. That shit is ass backwards for rappers to influence the black community in negative ways with their music and then try to speak positive right after…. Wtf

  • Dominique Lane

    im just shocked the slow Lurch looking big dumb slow sounding bitch knew a few big words

  • Latyreon Temple

    He clearly was talking about sophisticated Gucci dumb ass

  • ChiCity300

    it was for meek

  • Spookeysmoker

    And waka what you doing same shit hashtag this and that make a rant stay relevant