Waka Flocka Says Gucci Mane Is Dissing His Mother

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  • money

    Waka Flocka is a lame

  • KawantA

    I really use to fuck with waka and respected that he never talked down on Gucci when he was locked up and even after he got out but now that he sees him getting back on top and having a number 1 song out he starts talking shit? That’s some square ass shit

    • Woahnow

      Nigga he dropped a diss song a coulple weeks after gucci got locked up

    • yea man waka really fuckin up his name wit this shit.

  • You mad huh?

    why he so bitter now? lmao if it wasnt for gucci hed still be sitting in the background smoking weed in his vids

    • SlimJuve25

      correct but the kicker is that deb forced gucci to let waka tag along without that part in the management deal waka wouldn’t even be in the background

    • Disqus user

      Exactly niggas ain’t even know he was in the video until they felt like looking at old gucci videos and just so happened to notice him in the back years later lmfao

  • SlimJuve25

    why would anyone believe anything waka say if he keep telling lies, “My mother started Gucci’s career” lies traphouse was under big cat records which started his career, “my mother started my career” somewhat true but that because deb deal with gucci was for him to put waka in the game, “So to give one man credit for something he don’t even know how to do” he didn’t have to do anything, waka use gucci name, gucci say waka is a shooter an a goon job done and thats what he did got people to listen to him deb payed for the rest