Waka Flocka Recently Partied With Racist Oklahoma Frat; Issues Statement

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  • Hazflo Trevillian


  • Ifove2luck

    wow!! probs wacka, you’ve earned my respect. not that you needed or cared about it ….js

  • Drew Mann

    Hahaha. I mean, it’s SAE in the south, what did you expect ( for those who don’t know SAE is one of the biggest, oldest and most stuck up fraternities, especially in the south. It’s also probably the most expensive, other than maybe KA.) Basically, a bunch of private schooled white kids with summer homes in Hilton Head. If it makes you feel any better, I know plenty of former members from different schools ( UGA, OLE MISS, Auburn, Alabama, GSU etc.) and out of 8 or 9 people I know pretty well, most aren’t doing anything at all, and at least 3 are heroin addicts. That’s the kind of kids who made that. Fraternity life meant something 30-40 years ago, now it’s just rich kids who need to feel better about themselves.

    • wilMaster04

      oklahoma is not the south dumbass

      • God’s Accomplice

        lol just goes to show how irrelevant they are. I didn’t even know that, but then again I’m not American.

    • Jake Calder

      How intelligent could you possibly be if you think OKC is in the south?

      • Drew Mann

        It’s Norman, Oklahoma, not OKC. And I was comparing fraternities, not Geographical location. But if you’d like to do that, Oklahoma IS a southern state, just not a southeastern state.


    true shit bruh , fuck racists

  • Yourimage

    White people love everything about Black culture except Black people themselves. #GetYourOwnCulture

    • Jake Calder

      i’d say most white people don’t like black culture but those who do like black people as well

      • Craig

        You over look how much black culture has influenced pop culture. Ask Chuck Berry