Waka Flocka Drops ‘Was My Dawg’ Gucci Mane Diss

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  • @redbear2257

    wtf is this shit thats why Waka Flocka hasn’t dropped a new album , cuz his shit is lame

  • Youngflaco

    Waka coming across as a Hater. I dont think he thought Gucci was gonna come home and be Hot again. Gucci went his way so go your own way, nothings left to say.

  • Allen Smith

    I really don’t even like Gucci but where is this coming from, Waka reaching for life support

  • SlimJuve25

    kinda of stupid for waka to say gucci used his name for anything, cause in fact waka used gucci’s name to get where he is an seems like he is still doing so, stop listen after hearing lies to make himself look better, maybe after getting robbed an shot at a car wash he shouldn’t brag about not tucking his chain cause people will take it