Waka Flocka Comes For Gucci Mane’s Street Cred

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  • Lawrence Tunstall

    Duuuuhhhhh Waka!!!! Dats not your boy at all. THATS an IMPOSTER to be exact” why you ask he didnt do a video there? I gave you an answer. The proof is in the D.N.A………. Maury can tell you that

  • youareincorrectbitchnigga


    • MartyMcFly

      Seriously, this guy even make music anymore? Lmao

      • Myleage

        he big in europe

  • Consistent

    Damn how many East Atlanta videos does he have to shoot Flocka?? How many Flocka shoot since Gucci been home?? This feel like hate I hope the track comes from a realer place than jus hate’n on a dude who came home from prison focused on moving forward from the energy that got him locked up

  • dhusu

    sensing envy coming from Waka, ever since gucci came out of prison he’s been the talk of the town, in the meantime waka’s relevancy continues to fade away

    • LatarionMilton

      And that ain’t nobodys fault but Waka. Nigga ain’t dropped no music in years while gucci on the other hand dropping off new music through out his whole jail time

  • fonzo517

    without gucci there would be no waka

  • not a good look waka

  • Robo

    Man…… the hate and attention seekin be so real

  • Robo

    Waka is the true definition of a Coon

  • SlimJuve25

    lmao “there’s a lot of rappers looking gangsta on the internet but they’re soft in the streets” really only person getting shot an robbed in the street was waka an he was the self proclaimed shooter, kinda wild this came out after gucci an rocko squashed their beef, bet he was kind of jelly it wasn’t him

  • GED

    I think it’s time to let the grudge go wacka …. U mad bc gucci back on top in the rap game and u slowly fading out… U need to b more focus on making music and not what the next man is doing

  • rustyluger

    Kel better chill

  • LoveBoat2smooth

    Dawg waka one of my favorites but this nigga sound real fucking salty. East Atlanta wale.

  • Spookeysmoker

    But flak you from ny your mom had money her to promote Gucci was him part of signing you for a deal lol

  • yolkipalki69

    Wait a minute…… youtube Flocka getting clowned by people in the hood he was shooting a video….this guy is such a pussy , some guy ran up on him shooting a video and clowned him….. now years later he all hard ………..fall back son