Wack 100 Defends Saying Tupac Wasn’t A Gangster

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  • William Wesley

    tupac is still the GOAT of this rap shit tho.

  • kushxchevys

    This old nigga needs 2 get fired

  • Thee_One1

    This dumb ass talking about he didnt shoot two off duty police officers because of the timing of when Pac knew they were officers. WHO THE FUCK CARES!! I guarantee this bitch WACK wouldnt do shit in that situation.


    The nigga name is Wack100….NUFF SED

  • Larry Butler

    He is tell the truth, that’s why they killed 2pac.. 2Pac was for the people…

    • Ernie Ray

      2PAC jumped a crip and got shot wtf you talking about. He was for the people but when you do gangster shit gangster shit gonna happen to you.

  • Dylan Ya Trick

    i think wack needs to stop…damn nobody knew him before he cracked stitches and thats all he got the fame for…shouldve just kept his bald head out the spotlight and stuck to managing

  • Lamar XnoXes

    Lets get something straight. Tupac went to Baltimore’s School for the Arts. This is where he studied music, ACTING, and BALLET. He is the definition of what rappers are today. He was surrounded by real gangsters his whole life. His whole family was in a heap of trouble his whole life. He was a phenomenal rapper. But when you grow up studying, being in plays, spending your time rapping and not actually in the streets…that aint gangster. Idk how them niggas even fucked with him back then when that kind of shit matters. It obviously doesnt now.

    But I still wouldn’t refer to him as gangsta. He was a rapper. An actor. And like Wack said, a revolutionary. He definitely had a big mouth too

    • Jared Kloth

      cogent argument that is more compelling than the entire HHE article
      i swear

    • d1gord

      You act like niggas can’t have a past and STILL be gangster.

      • CapCee

        He was an ACTOR who played a G for the cameras to sell records.

        • d1gord

          So is 50 cent, snoop dogg and a ton of others

          • vapaperboi .

            difference my g…50 didnt go to school for acting..it happened once he got past his street life and started doing music..pac was a strong black man..and he revolved due to his surroundings and what he was seeing..he wanted us to rise..a gangsta..no..but a black man who stood up for his self and others..yeah

    • greenhouse records

      So School outweighs your at home environment????? I wonder we he spent more time at school or in the hood???? hmmmmmmmmm

      • Lamar XnoXes

        At school dipshit. He was in class like normal then did extracurricular activities such as putting on plays and shit. Just like when a white kid moves from his suburbs to the city and turns “gangsta”. You ain’t gangsta man you still that kid from the burbs.

        • greenhouse records

          right. He was still living in the hood tho. not in the suburbs dumbass. The streets of Baltimore during the height of the crack era. Who was he around at home????????????

          • Lamar XnoXes

            inside a house aint in the streets nigga go home. and suburbs get it crackin too

    • Thee_One1

      None of that shit really matters. Everyone knows Pac’s past. Somewhere in between he dived into the gangsta shit because that is what he related to and it wasn’t the smartest move. And guess what, if that is who you around then that is what you become. Just like if all your friends were crackheads, guess what….more than likely your ass is too. Its all about heart.

  • You mad huh?

    tupac was a Thespian. There are no thespian gangsters. One time i actually agree with wack.

  • Thug Vato

    This comeing from the manager of a gay ass nigga that was a mail stripper and was dumped on a tv dating show who is a fake gangbanger that didn’t start trying to act gangster untill his late 20’s and got a butterfly tattoo on his face then covered it with a star and a L.A. logo. Fuck outta here with that bullshit wack ass nigga!

  • Jermel Clark

    It is in his name, the nigga is whack….

  • Consistent

    If dats how he feels about Pac then cool whatever…but I know he DEFINITELY don’t think much of the ‘gangster’ in The Game…Tyga…Ray J…or Big Gucci Soulja then! Wack talking bout who putting on for the west and he couldn’t even put a Soulja Boy vs Chris Brown fight together,got The Game a reality show that caught him a rape charge and as good as The Game raps for real,his promotion is basically him on IG trolling…Wack a lame

  • Ye’

    Nahh PAC was G as fuck whether he came from that background or not he ended up that way

  • ChiCity1988

    Call him wack100 because he wacked off 100 dicks…fucking faggit

  • Lasagna

    why is this guy relevant??

  • Shut up wack

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Muthafuckas from the 90s in music, DJ’s and producers swore they knew Tupac. FOH!!! Tupac still raw, and you’re boy The Game is exactly you’re first name my nigga.

  • yolkipalki69

    LMAO you name says it all /….. WACK 100 %*……. you say that now when the man has been dead for decades…… talk shit behind peoples back….where were you or who were you when he was running shit from the West in the Hip Hop sphere???? Your pops was a heavy dude but who the hell are you……i think he a wana be someone and is going about his journey to somebody all wrong.

  • Joseph Rubio

    no he was not gangsta but just cause he did not no the white boys were cops dosent take away from shooting them thats fucking gangsta. this guy punched stiches

  • Dundada

    Tupac shot at 2 men period..first of all, that’s not gangsta? Tupac stomped out a crip and knew there would be consequences. Tupac got shot multiple times and didn’t change his attitude one bit..in fact he called out the people he thought did it. You punched a circus creature in the mouth and now you’re the authority on what’s gangsta?! Foh

  • Jan Van Schuppen

    ask Dre who was driving through LA, shooting during the riots?
    Who did Gang Leaders turn to, to write the Thug Code?

    If you think gangsters only sell dime bags and have a piggy bank you have your definition of a gangster all wrong..

  • el primo negro

    what wack said is truth. there’s no shade thrown at pac. the internet love making something outta nothing