Vivica Fox Strongly Implies 50 Cent Swings Both Ways

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  • David

    Bitch desperately trying to get attention… ugh… On some straight bullshit. Watch how she stuttered while trying to come up with something uuh..uh.

  • Don’t be afraid

    She doesn’t look to stable. .. a bit scorned as well.

  • Aaron Hernandez

    monday morning 50 gonna go in on her smh

    • DJCEO

      She just signed her death wish. Anybody with any dirt on her gona get a check lmao, this gona be good

    • Jimmie Deangelis

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  • Coffee is for Closers

    I don’t know if 50 is gay or not but he has some Chatty Patty tendencies.

    • Leekluv216

      FACTS!!!! Cats who acted like 50 where I’m from we didn’t fuck with. That dude was the outsider to all crews.

      • MIC

        you both like me and everybody else is doing pretty much the same thing and we dont know these people lol they have a better excuse than we do

    • James

      Like what? Haha

    • fried rice

      Niggas do the same shit 50 do all over ig and fb so maybe all the social media creeps are gay. iE I don’t have any social media except for this site.

  • Good Piff

    Irrelevant people say the most I swear

    • Paul

      Viv or the commentators?

      • Good Piff


  • kushxchevys

    Lmao yeah okay…..

  • SirChimp

    This is actually very well known. I have a friend in PR, and she works with many big celebs. And she told me a long time ago, it was a well known secret 50 is gay. He has gay face, so I fully believe it.

    • It’s Better This Way

      That nigga on video holding a big ass dildo smh

  • deethedon

    Welcome back Ms. Fox

  • CancelDatBtch

    Please put Ms Fox under my champaigne bottle

  • thatsjas2 .

    Bitter EX girlfriend syndrome!

  • Ali Ben

    Hahahaha what a shame, who can know better than her ex I have no doubt that he is gay! First he broke and he still open his big mouth full of shit and now he gay what’s next ?? hahhahahaha like they said “The truth set you free”. Rozay bout to finish this bitch gay ass nigga like he nuthing !!

    • James

      Meanwhile you sucking off fat ass rick ross.

  • Vuitton, The Ruler

    Why the fuck you lying?

  • Mike

    Why they keep fucking with FiF Y’all know he don’t stop…