Vince Staples Names His Best Rapper Alive

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  • bawse

    What does best rapper mean to you?

  • Rome

    I don’t have a top 5, but Wayne and Kanye are my favorite rappers all time.

    • Ye’

      They’re definitely up there for me too

    • kushxchevys

      Waynes the goat lol idk y people switch up like that on him like he didnt kill the game for a decade

      And changed the game prior to killing it

  • Pieze.B

    That greatest rapper alive shit is so unmeaning; I’m going to listen to whoever I what to listen to. I don’t have a top 5 list or top ten. I listen to classical music when I get tired of listening to rap. Rapping isn’t a sport it’s a fucking art. Comparing rappers is like comparing food dishes. Who the hell cares because I’m eating both of the food dishes; now where is the fucking dessert?

  • Blahblah ooo

    Andre 3000
    Fuck everybody else

    • DoDaDiddleDance

      Excellent list but order would be a lil different
      Andre 3000
      Jay Z
      I give Pac the boot tbh even though he’s a pioneer, icon and great lyricist. I could never really jive w most of his shit that didn’t get radio play.

      • SlimJuve25

        the way you feel about pac is the same way i feel about eminem always thought that battle rap type rhyme was stupid

    • Rafael Worldstar Wetback Navar

      Everyone but jigga and this is a lit list

    • Thee_One1

      Put P Diddy on there and your list is legit

      • kushxchevys

        Nooooooo my nigga no!!! Lol

        • Thee_One1

          lol just foolin

          • kushxchevys

            Lmao i was like what THE FUCK

  • ben

    Kanye better than Em lol, that’s a fuckin joke right? Kanye not even top 10 smh

    • Young Flacko

      Yea in your opinion. Some people don’t think Em is all that either

  • smith jones

    Lol em Didn’t have an effect on pop culture like kanye? Thats a misquoute right

    • SlimJuve25

      no not a misquote if battle rap had worked out maybe but it didn’t so no

      • Imwhite

        But how does making ‘an effect on pop culture’ solidify you as a great rapper?

  • Ye’

    Vince is slept on honestly

    • imaginationsequation

      Definitely underrated and dope, it was hilarious when he threatened norega with fade

  • the straight up truth

    Eminem is the better “rapper” than Ye, but talking musician no Em album comes close to College Dropout or MBTDF

  • Bill Jansen

    Dam he wish he was way more more famous hahaha kanye wannna beee

  • HotlineQueef

    Ja Rule

    • perfect

      You always have something lit to say and Ja Rule is best thing you can come up with?!?

      • Theophrastus Compactus

        I for one, am intrigued to hear what Ja Rule has to say regarding the matter.

        Best wishes
        Theophrastus Compactus

  • DaveyStoned

    why would they even ask this broad that? this bitch don’t know nothing about hip-hop. and kanye west is not a rapper hes a pop singer.

    • Young Flacko

      Well in that case, he can say he’s a better artist. Since you obviously have a problem with him being classified as a rapper.

      • DaveyStoned

        It was more so the “best” part of best rapper alive seeing as how he is so garbage lyrically and so unoriginal. so you can call him an artist or a rapper as long as we are clear that his music is 100% trash.

  • youknow

    Staples really gon act like Shady had no effect on the culture when he first came out???

  • Poopmaster

    Big L, MF Doom, Wayne, J Cole,…man there are so many this is hard I’ll come back to this