Video Shows A$AP Bari Harassing Naked Woman In Hotel Room

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  • Manny Bravo

    It’s ironic. After this scandal, he’s going to be the only one wearing Vlone.

  • Niggas let money go to they head and they internet follower count realize sir us Americans are the only ones who care about likes and money lol

    • 100squad

      He posted that ,smoked 1 & googled the definition of sexual assault..& was at that very moment he realized he fucked up

  • 100squad

    Yep that vid is as fake as Kim K explaining that white residue away

  • Astronaut

    Nig had 2 be drunk

  • Zeek Lowe

    The way she saying ‘no’ really puts Bari in a bad light. I mean he put himself in this situation though what he expect ..

  • the professor

    karmas a bitch and vlone is a joke expensive t-shirts that are made from $3 gildan shirts thats pathetic but the vlone nike collab was cool tho lol

  • d1gord

    This how Blac Chyna and other thots were created. Niggas not respecting jump offs, so they gotta get there’s