Video Of Kanye’s Mental Breakdown Could Ruin Marriage To Kim Kardashian

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  • Weed caused a breakdown? FOH…But, I think they’re going that legal route there’s no way to prove it did or didn’t cause it so they’re gonna deny

    • Saïf Aree Tugood

      remember he is prescribed to lexapro and idk for sure what the mixing of thc and cbd does with that but i do know he smoked weed before the vma van guard acceptance speech rastas say the herb reveals you to your true self. we all know who kanye truly is 1 brave motherfuckin black man all he has done is asked for an increased infrastructure to spread truth and when we finally gets it he takes advantage of it

      • Weddle32

        Your totally right.

      • First of all CBD is just the pain relieving compound that doesn’t get you high. It can be isolated but when you smoke weed you are getting both CBD and THC. So if you have CBD extract and smoke weed you are just dosing yourself with more it isn’t some kind of crazy mixture.
        Dude is a little crazy but most very talented people are. Also everyone including the media made it seem like he is representing black culture hip hop politics etc. Damn that’s a lot of weight for one man to burden. I completely empathize with him 2

  • Astronaut

    If a non-criminal video can ruin a marriage. SHE AINT SHIIT.

    • the straight up truth

      Just speculating but I don’t imagine calling your wife something along the lines a big booty white bitch or I only married her to smash often or even worse to build my own star up to be the new it couples is great for marriage

    • frankwhitedc

      Yeah id be like boo i was high , and we’d move along 2 the next topic

  • Allen Smith

    They been saying ” could ruin their relationship” for about a year now

  • just another white nigga

    tip: get you a bitch that loves and understands you and is strong smart n loyal enough to weather a lil bullshit now n again.

  • Princess Girl

    He needs to be sued, as well as Kim: She bec ame one with him, during marriage, so she should be ruined, along with him. You sure it was just weed? Ruin the Kardashian/ West Kingdom.

    • You mad huh?

      Dumbest thing I’ve ever read.

  • Marc Gez

    it wasn’t even a mental breakdown. He was just being real. weed can cause you to be like fuck it. which is what I think happened. he just part of the illuminati n they didn’t want him saying that shit. he woke up like michael jackson when he left with what he earn but to them it’s their money. js fuck the kardashians black celebs mess with them n go down hill after that.