Vic Mensa Claims Drake’s Goons Harassed His Assistant After ‘Danger’ Diss

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  • black_mamba_fam

    This dumb nigga said something reckless bout Proof and 2 stupid to realize it was prob some Detroit niggas tryna get at his loudmouth ass.

    • Da Truth


    • imaginationsequation

      Pretty sure if it was proof.people, they woulda got him. Drake and his “goons” tried to chump a tattoo artist some years ago n got laughed at

      • kushxchevys

        My nigga u drake hater of the year

        U stay knowing everything bout the mans life

  • myonlycomment.

    Did this fool really mention proof? Someone from Detroit with respect on his name and then say shot out to 8 mile??? He must be stupid smh Terrible bars and surprise I ain’t hear nobody from Detroit say nada

    • Ghostface-

      its because this kid is on no ones radar. hence why he speaking Drake’s name– somebody tryna start a buzz

      • Da Truth

        You definitely have a point because mentioning dudes name is definitely the go to nowadays to get a buzz for yourself

      • Astronaut

        Vic Mensa is actually descent tho

  • imaginationsequation

    young money is the least intimidating team ever

    • just another white nigga

      it aint no cash money, thats for sure

  • Jared Morales

    Haha. Bottom line here is.. Anyone that lets DRAKE’S so called GOON’s ruffle their feathers.. Yall some scared as Pigeon. Come on! Canadian Goons? Iam laughing my Amarican ass off over here.. fuccccing cunuks

    • BigHomie

      Im telln you, i was thinkn the same shit

      • just another white nigga

        i was in canada once n ran into some gangbangers speakin FRENCH! i swear. i couldnt help but laugh in their face. real recognize real, n they were, but french? lmao

  • wilMaster04

    Detroit niggas should be on his ass after mentioning proof..fuck this lame nigga

  • Manny Bravo

    It’s crazy to know that the dude from “Degrassi: The Next Generation” has goons on deck.

    • frankwhitedc

      Wheel chair Jimmy at that tho

  • just another white nigga

    drake may be soft, but that dont mean his “bought-and-paid-for” goons are….

  • frankwhitedc

    Damn how niggas in the rap game let that proof line slide ? Times have changed . Back in 2000 he would have been lyrically and physically assaulted ….both by Eminem

  • kinglobey

    so this guy mensa talking about taking it to the furthest extent (ie. murking drake) because drake subliminally dissed two rappers that probably dont really fuck with mensa like that? thats some real sucka shit….