Usher Slept With Herpes Accuser At A Days Inn, Says Hotel Worker

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  • d1gord

    She prolly in on it with the chunky monkey. Ultimate scam

    • DonCDaCapo

      That’s what I was thinking and it woulda been more believable if they at least said the Hilton

    • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

      Man, you don’t know this nigga…lol Who know’s WHAT the fuck he’s been doing? Usher wouldn’t do this, Usher wouldn’t do that…How the fuck would you know? Who would expect him to even have an STD in the first place…lol We don’t know these niggas like we think we do frfr

      • youareincorrectbitchnigga

        does he have a std? has that been confirmed?

      • d1gord

        Just saying because reports are saying she is a career scam artist. Nothing in my post mentioned usher. Relax

    • Gr8ness

      Same thing I thought. Bitch is probably her cousin or something. That nigga got groupies out the ass I’m sure so what makes this whale special.

  • kushxchevys

    She paid da bitch off lol

  • Rich blackman

    She’s going to lose her bullshit job. Why didnt the bitch take a pic? You know a bitch will take a pic of just about anything

  • Cee Note

    Anything to substantiate the hotel workers claims? There should be some video of that fat ass bitch going into Ushers hotel room, if this shit is true.

    • Craig

      Or at least a record of the weight limit alarm going off in the elevator.

  • Astronaut

    Cant no elevator support this Respucia (“Norbit”) looking bih. Do not be decieved by the media

  • Askia ‘Ski’ Ahmad Smith

    People mad like yall really know what this nigga type is? lol How the fuck do you know who Usher would or would not fuck? Did yall think he would have an STD? Probably not…Did yall know that R Kelly was a pedophile? Probably not. Who would have thought that rich ass Bill Cosby would be date raping women? I mean C’mon ppl…Who know’s what type of fuckery these celebs get into..Stop acting like you know these niggas personally and had convos with them just cuz you read his wikipedia page. You niggas speculate worse than these

  • Craig

    A days in….. do they even have a lobby. WTF is Mr. No limit doing at a days in. And who wouldn’t say they saw some shit for a cut of that settlement.

  • Craig

    If this is true usher should counter sue for damages……….. to his pelvis… That’s a huge bitch.

  • Craig

    They need to swab her folds for dna.

  • Craig

    You can’t be exposed to herpes when your skin is coated in layers of fried chicken grease Precious. That’s basic science.

  • Manny Bravo

    As if him (allegedly) sleeping with this woman wasn’t bad enough, now we’re learning that Usher uses Days Inn. The media is dragging this man through the mud.

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  • youareincorrectbitchnigga


  • Poopmaster

    Once again I’ll say it, I totally believe he porked this big bitch. Not surprised.