Updated Sales Numbers For Lonzo Ball’s ZO2 Released

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  • You mad huh?

    There is always room for improvement but its quite impressive for an “independent” shoe company with no commercials or ads besides social media. Dropping the price would help significantly. That’s the issue I have with a lot of black own businesses is that their prices are exorbitant compared to bigger supply chains. And that makes me not want to support them. If people can find a product equal or greater in style, quality, with a lower price they will go to that company on a consistent basis.

    • disqus_Gd952rt1Pw

      u a lie

      • You mad huh?


        • Imwhite

          nah, you right. HOWEVER (Stephen A Smith Voice) big brands like Nike make millions of shoes overseas so the labor, the material, everything is cheaper with them having a bigger budget to put towards it. I honestly don’t know how Lavar is getting these shoes made but if you aren’t buying material in bulk its expensive, and its not like he can go and make a million shoes. Gotta set the price high to get the funds to grow

  • bawse

    he’ll be lucked to break even

  • FaboLoso

    imagine how many pairs he could’ve sold had he marked them at a reasonable price like 90-100 dollars, welp it’s to late for that now..unless he’s willing to give the customers who brought them at original price a refund.

    • Imwhite

      unless he was just testing the market and only had like 1000 made. Which would make sense for the price point too but if that was the case he should have had them branded as limited edition or something. Maybe with that money made he can make more and bring down the cost. Either way some of the stuff he does comes off over the top but can’t hate the hustle

  • Twiz

    As of right now he doin it wrong. A lot of these big athletes major market is kids shoe sales. At about $500 a pop, not many parents are gonna buy these shoes, so that all but eliminates that market. Also where’s the appeal to women? Almost none so that markets down the drain. All you have left now is adult males with money. Thats a pretty small lane relatively speaking. My man needs a legit business partner.

  • Thematic1

    The Trump University diploma though… :-

  • Dubevilly

    The problem is they rushed these shoes, they should of waited for lonzo to at least be drafted and the dad needs to step way back, it’s your son’s time to be in the light