Uncle Luke Calls Out DJ Khaled For Claiming Miami [VIDEO]

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  • FaboLoso

    damn real shit..I thought he was originally from Miami, you learn something new everyday..anyway this nigga sound like a straight hater.

  • LatarionMilton

    I originally thought he was from NY until he signed with Cash Money and said he was from N.O. Luke always got some shit to say about something. Nigga should be glad somebody is repping for Miami other than Florida and Pitbull lol

    • FaboLoso

      I remember him signing to cashmoney but I don’t remember him saying he was from NO, damn he just disowned New Orleans like that…you never hear him mention it.

      • t-stupid

        Wat it is dem niggaz dnt gt respect out chere he might b from here but nt raised here ya heard me so i aint neva mad dat boy aint repping our city fuc im from da marrero projects but i waz raised arcoss da way in my hood Lincolnshire & datz wat i rep all day ya heard me & u could say itz where u done all ya dirt n hit all ya licks r where eva u jumed off da porch @ but i still fuck wit da shit he do but datz sumthin new ta me too i aint know he waz from here & im from dis bish too aka New Orleans luv my city home of da souljas cutthroat niggaz & bitchez

        • FaboLoso

          I read this in juvenile voice

    • Supreme Trunks

      You forgetting Rick Ross and the youngins Kodak, Spaceghost Purp, Denzel Curry and Rob Bank$

      • Woahnow

        Kodak ain’t from Miami tf

        • Supreme Trunks

          yeah u right. I was just puttin all florida niggas together. lol

      • Je’sus

        Kodak not from here.

        • Supreme Trunks

          Oh he not? My bad

      • Trabiscayne

        Yung Simmie?

  • CO Killer

    He sounds like a old hater

  • Ye’

    It ain’t where you from…. it’s where you at

    • Worldwide Intentionz

      So you’re ok with forgetting where you came from ?


    sound like luke bitter af about his success. better be happy that nigga reppin that shit hole of a city

  • These old niggas worse than gossiping grandmas

  • d1gord

    How is it hatin? All he sayin is khaled don’t run Miami.

  • Worldwide Intentionz

    A lot of these rappers lie about where they’re from and I’m not understanding why smh. Put your own city on the map dummies!

    • FaboLoso

      Word like that nigga bowow, he reps Atlanta more than he reps Ohio

      • Worldwide Intentionz

        Damn shame bruh

  • Je’sus

    If he stil at the heat games it’s all good with me