Unarmed Store Owners Fight Off Two Armed Robbers

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  • Killa Cam Newton

    I don’t have the gift of making a great comment to speak on these dumb ass robbers. So I’m just going to say first and upvote whoever does

  • Jesse Mccree

    I won’t even feel bad when the dude in all black snitches on his boy. He didn’t do shit to help him out. Almost left him there to take all the heat too. Smh

  • kushxchevys

    Rule number 1

    Never take a pussy ass nigga with u

    • 100squad

      Rule 2 , should’ve been #1 to me..never pull heat, if ya oven ain’t ready to blow.

      • kushxchevys

        Let me put u on some game g.
        Gang banging and robbing are 2 different things, thats grand theft invasion and what ever else charges. Now catching that body, innocent old man with kids/grankids maybe. I mean i feel it but u gotta understand the meaning if u pull it out u better pull it cus i hope one day u dnt gotta pull a pistol out to get away from a small situation and shoot an old person . If that happens good luck in the pen

        • 100squad

          Yea I can dig it, there is definitely rules to the game that need 2 be followed..As we can see here these boys didn’t read the manual

    • Astronaut

      They watched “Paper Soldiers” one too many times

    • 100. Also think about u gonna risk armed robbery, violent strike, felon in poss of firearm etc
      The bullshit amount of money u gonna get from a cricket store or Indian cellphone repair shop

      Gramps always told me never point a gun at anyone you aren’t prepared to shoot.

      • kushxchevys

        Yeah my cousin just got out after 3 years with a strike. Robbed a metro peice of shit phone store got only a few racks lol and got popped. Anf i feel it nigga but these pussy niggas wernt tryna catvh a body just scare and rob. Ive waved guns b4 and not shot. Now if we shoot we shoot TO KILL. Not gona shoot an old mans tho id prolly wave it if i had to

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  • perfect

    Theres talk about rules to the game but what part of the game is this? What did this accomplish? A prison sentence? Robbing a store is just plain stupid. What for a couple hundred dollars if you are lucky. Go put some work in somewhere and dont break the law. How you going to be there for your family from a jail cell or how you going to create a great life for yourself with a stupid ass criminal history. Dont get me wrong I have a criminal record and am doing ok for myself now but it made it a thousand times harder. Mines just fights and little shit like that though.

  • just another white nigga

    “hurry up and buy!”

  • just another white nigga

    pro tip: buy a vest and a few of those POLICE tshirts. you get shot at less when mfs think youre 5-0. theyll fully cooperate w you while you robbin em lol. used to do kick doors on stash houses like that.

  • Code Name Blonde

    you’d think they’d at least worry about covering their faces up if they were gonna lick a store smh

  • Twiz

    How you gonna rob somebody in some slides?