Tyrese Rips The Rock As ‘Selfish’ & ‘Self-Promotional’

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  • Dvillain.

    This makes him look lame and salty, it’s not a big fucken deal and I fox with all F&F movies.

  • imaginationsequation

    Tyrese gonna get killed off in the next one and he still not gonna be in the movie

    • Gr8ness

      Came here to say the exact same shit. Probably kill that nigga off with no explanation.

      • imaginationsequation

        Probably a little news clip saying he got killed trying steal a car or gang activity lol

        • Gr8ness

          Lol yup something simple as hell. They already kill niggas off every ff movie anyway.

          • imaginationsequation

            It’s the Hollywood thing to do

    • 100squad

      Nah that’s too simple, they going to make this hurt his “personal image” a bit more .. They are going to have him man kissing & he is going to be involved in a homosexual relationship in the next movie..Him & Lover die together in what will be portrayed in a way they feel will be romantic,tasteful & etc best part is. If he says no to the role because of that direction..
      They will public release that he is homo phobe, & Tyrese couldnt find work even if he was on somebody nerves ..Thats how you dead an “actor”

      • imaginationsequation

        Lol I hope they don’t demasculate the mans character.

        • 100squad

          Tell me I’m lying tho, that would be a demasculation & an asassnitation of his character. Both in the movie & this here real world..

  • (ง’̀-‘́)ง

    tyrese too dark to be this sensitive

  • Leekluv216

    Why are we still here HHE?! Who gives a fuck about this shit?! Sound like a bunch of rich nicca problems to me!

  • A Jay

    Fuck the Rock bruh he should’ve been killed off the series

  • Matt Leon

    I just wish Tyrese would drop this. I, myself, don’t like that The Rock got the movie delayed cause unless the writing is completely on point, I don’t see this spinoff going anywhere, but at the same time, Tyrese is hurting his own rep with this. You made your point the first time, the movie is happening whether you like it or not. Also that video of Rock talking about Black Rose, Rock may have been joking but that video sure as hell didn’t seem like he was. I watched that whole video expecting to see something like Rock say at the end “but nah in all seriousness though, go get that Black Rose, best piece of work I’ve heard in a good while. Proud of you, Tyrese.” Something along those lines. I’ll clown some of my friends like that but if it’s something that I’m sure they worked hard on, I’m gonna make it clear that it was a joke and I’ll hype that shit up like it’s the dopest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

  • Craig

    I pray that Tyrese comes to understand that there are no groups in acting. This is a solo artist game and only the wicked will have hatred towards a man that makes his own business decisions. Tyrese, I pray that you cleanse yourself of this wickedness for the name of the wicked shall rot and soon be forgotten. I pray that you find your own lane and progress and shed that hate. Let the church say amen.

  • imaginationsequation

    They should let the Rock do it